Every Cirris tester that leaves our factory is calibrated in compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and ISO-10012 to standards traceable to the NIST in the United States and NPL in the UK.

Combined Test Solutions provides Performance Check Kits for you to verify that your tester is still calibrated correctly. These kits are simple enough to be used in-house, saving you time and money. Each kit comes with a Certificate of Calibration that validates your Performance Check Kit for a service period of two years. Learn more

Performance Check Kits

Combined Test Solutions provides Performance Check Kits to ensure your tester is calibrated correctly. Confirm and verify that your tester is operating to published, specified standards. Determine possible tester malfunctions.

Performance Verification Check Kits can save your company time and money by bringing ‘in-house’ the ability to verify that your Cirris tester is working within its published specifications. In just a few minutes you can certify that your Cirris test system is in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards.

In addition to the information presented below, see Frequently Asked Questions about Performance Check Kits.

Signal Routing System Check

All kits verify the proper operation of the signal routing system by scanning all test points on the tester. Each tester model generates a unique code as part of this test which must conform to a known standard. This verification process insures that all points function as expected.

  • The zero Ohm test adapter is the standard used for the ‘Signal Routing System’ test.
  • The ‘Resistor Leak’ adapter is the test standard used for this type of verification.

Note: This process cannot be described as a “calibration” process, (because you cannot ‘dial in’ or ‘tweak’ a setting to make a correction to a unit.) This process should be thought of as a process to verify that each test point is functioning and is operating as designed.

Resistance Measurement System Check

Tester models which have the capacity to measure resistance values during the normal test cycle must have the “resistance measuring system” verified by comparing resistances found at selected points in the tester against the known resistance values of the ‘Resistive Test Standard’.

Capacitance Standards Measured and Verified

In a similar manner, testers with other testing capabilities; IE: Capacitance measuring, 4 wire Kelvin measurements, diode presence and bias etc., each have their capabilities tested when the proper test adapter is used to verify that capability.

Measurement of Voltage Outputs on HiPot Testers

Using a high impedance voltmeter (or a standard voltmeter with a High Voltage Probe attached) the verification kits designed for HiPot testers will measure and verify output voltages of the ‘high voltage supply’. This process verifies that the HiPot test voltages selected by the user during a high voltage test are at the voltage level selected. Again, this verification process cannot be called a calibration process because there are no adjustments that you can make to bring testers into ‘compliance’. If the tester fails any verification test, the tester must be returned to Combined Test Solutions for repair.

Is your tester failing the Performance Check Kit?

In the unlikely event that a tester is found to be out of calibration, the tester can be sent back to Combined Test Solutions or to a third party calibration lab for evaluation and recalibration. This procedure validates your tester for a service period of one year.

Recalibrating Your Tester

If your tester has failed the tests in the Performance Check Kit, it will need to be evaluated by us for any problems and recalibrated. Your tester can be sent to Combined Test Solutions in the UK – call +44 1 525 37 44 66.

Tester Recalibration by Combined Test Solutions

Sending in your tester to for calibration is very easy. A sales representative from Combined Test Solutions can assist you with shipping information, pricing, and any other questions you may have. Once we have quoted, on the day we receive the tester we will check for any problems and then recalibrate the tester. This process is completed same day so that we can return your tester, next working day. For calibration verification, please contact Combined Test Solutions – support@ctstest.co.uk