Cirris Solutions have extensive engineering resources both in the UK and in Germany plus an in-depth understanding of test and years of experience with custom applications. Test can extend outside the wiring of cable / harnesses or assemblies.

Cable testers

Think beyond the wire: think productivity, quality and savings.

This is easily the most common custom requirement. How do you connect the Cirris tester to the test subject? Small or large, if the subject has non standard connections, somebody has to make an interface. Cirris have extensive interfacing experience, to design and manufacture your test interface.

Interfacing requires connection to arrays of contacts, pcb pads or wires for which matching arrays of probes must be used. Precision is needed and the attachment and release scheme can be a challenging part of the design. With small interfaces, cabling is rarely a problem beyond ensuring excellent connections. But as the number of connections rise, interface cables can become unwieldy so that safety and reliability issues arise. Anchoring the tester and the test subject then become essential. Whether a few low voltage test points or tens of thousands and high voltage, if it is a cable, a harness, a backplane or a sub module, Cirris can help.

Wiring assemblies are often fitted with clamps, cleats, seals, identifiers or EMC filters. To test only the electrical integrity can allow assemblies to reach the customer with these vital mechanical parts either wrongly placed or missing – a major cause of delay and expensive rework cost. Cirriscan test for the presence of mechanical components using a range of methods. Vacuum systems can detect the presence of seals and gaskets, switch probes can detect the presence, position and orientation of features such as locks, gates, cleats and ferrite rings, and cameras can detect the colour of wires and headers.

Related tasks include pushback (anti-back out) tests, the detection of LED and filament light output, filter colours, solenoid and relay action and transducer function. Other tests are dimensional go – no – go and cable length detection. Many physical attributes can be tested within a modest budget. Many such tests are now part of our repertoire of solutions; they only require adapting to your application. Call us for advice.

Internal computers have made Cirris’ cable and harness testers exceedingly effective tools. For most applications, default programs perform high-speed, no-nonsense, full coverage testing through easy set-up dialogues. When the application goes beyond the ordinary, the Cirris scripting options gives total control to the user enabling novel test set-ups; e.g. test sequences conditional on external logic, unique test instructions on individual test pins, on-screen custom dialogues, special functions, and outputs of logic signals conditional on a test event.

Typical applications that require scripting include maths calculation during test flow, data input (e.g. bar code or operator key strokes), instructions to operator, signals to machines, and specific data collection tasks.

cable testers
Cable test Custom Solutions
cable testing
Cable test Custom Solutions

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