Adaptronic test systems

Assuring the quality
of aircraft wiring

With portable test equipment

testers for motorsport industry

Cirris CH2 Test System

assuring the quality of Formula 1 Wiring

Adaptronic NT 600 tester
cable testers for manufacturing industry

Cirris Easy-Touch Pro High Voltage Tester

easy integration into cable
manufacturing processes
across various industries

Cirris easy-touch-pro-high-voltage-tester-
Adaptronic high voltage test equipment


for demanding applications

Combined Test Solutions Ltd

The One Stop Test Shop For UK Manufacturers

Combined Test Solutions, formerly Cirris Solutions, is a leading UK provider of test equipment and accessories. Committed to excellent service and support from customer centric engineers, we deliver a cohesive “one stop test shop”. Our range includes cable harness test equipment, high voltage test equipment and functional test equipment. We are the only official UK distributors of Cirris Testers.

We also offer a broad range of USB and free-standing Test and Measurement instruments from companies such as Intronix, Goodwill (GWInstek), Maynuo, Haewa, Huntron, ITECH, APM Technologies and many more. The impressive range includes scopes, logic analysers, DMMs, function generators, spectrum analysers & power supplies for a wide variety of applications.

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Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment

Combined Test Solutions has taken over the Stantronic UK and Ireland test & measurement business.
We are now supplying a wide range of high-performance test & measurement instruments, including PXI / PCI modules.

  • Oscilloscopes


    Custom-fit oscilloscopes for almost any application.

  • Power-Supplies

    Power Supplies & Power Loads

    Power supplies, loads, sources and sinks

  • Logic-Analyzers

    Lab Measuring Devices

    Wide range of laboratory measurement instruments inc. LCR meters, logic analyzers, & signal generators

  • Test-Systems

    Test Systems

    Test systems with a modular configuration

  • Multimeters-test-devices

    Multimeters & Test Devices

    Extensive range of multimeters & electrical safety testers

Cable Testers

Explore our diverse range of automated Cirris cable & harness testers

  • null

    Easy Touch

    High voltage tester with built-in Windows PC

  • null

    Cirris 4250

    High voltage testing at an affordable price

  • null

    Cirris 4200

    Cable testing at an affordable price

  • null

    Cirris CH2

    Our most capable tester for complex assemblies

  • null

    Cirris 8100

    Guided assembly that tests while you build

High Voltage Test

Explore our “top end” range of very high voltage and highly configurable testers
for defence, rail, aerospace & other demanding applications

Very high voltage testers
  • NT600 high voltage tester

    NT 600

    Powerful, entry-level high voltage tester

  • KT638 Tester High Speed High Voltage tester

    KT 638

    High speed, high voltage tester

  • NT 800-1 – HV flexible tester for aerospace vehicles

    NT-800 1

    High voltage flexible tester for aerospace vehicles

  • NT637 High Voltage Test System

    NT 637

    High voltage tester in a compact package

  • NT 700 high voltage tester - High flexibility – highly expandable, High Voltage Test


    High flexibility, highly expandable, high voltage test

  • NT 800-2 High Voltage Distributed Test


    High voltage distributed test ideal for rail industry

Huntron PCB Diagnostics Equipment

Unique power-off test equipment for PCB and circuit board fault diagnosis.
The Access 2 and DH2 probers can be used with the tracker 3200S for automated probing.

Huntron PCB Diagnostics equipment
  • Huntron Tracker 2800

    Tracker 2800

    The Huntron Tracker 2000 for the 21st Century

  • Huntron Tracker 2800s

    Tracker 2800S

    The Huntron Tracker 2800 with Cable Interface Capabilities

  • Huntron tracker 3200s

    Tracker 3200S

    Trusted Technology in Power-off Testing for your Circuit Board Repair needs

  • Huntron access2 prober

    Access 2 Prober

    Cost effective, desktop robotic platform

  • Huntron DH2 prober-

    DH2 Prober

    Dual head Flying Probe Tester system

  • Huntron workstation-software

    Workstation Software

    Powering Huntron Trackers, Access Probers and more

Cable Assembly Aids

NEW! Cable Hound wiring aid for fast and easy, guided build of small cable assemblies

Cable Hound wiring aid
  • Cable Hound Assembly Aid

    Cable Hound

    Cable assembly & wiring aid

  • Cable Hound Assembly Aid

Low cost wiring aid for fast and easy, guided build of small cable assemblies. The system enables 100% correct wiring at the point of build and has been UK designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Get it right first time with the CTS Cablehound.

Available to buy online.

Only £499.00 per unit.

Contact us for more information on any of our testers and associated products or if you have service and support requirements.