GW Instek: 6000 Counts Hand-Held DMM


GDM-500 Series Handheld Digital Multimeter

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GDM-500 Series hand-held DMM

GDM-531 :6000-Count Hand-Held DMM

The GDM-500 Series hand-held DMM is a compact, high precision, battery operated multimeter designed to meet the application requirements of service engineers. The GDM-500 series design is driven by mobile-oriented features: automatic power-off to preserve battery life, a large backlight display for crisp viewing, a rotary selector and push buttons to ease operation, and NCV (Non-Contact Voltage) function for outdoor use.

The basic functions of the Series match the extensive functionalities of bench-top multimeters: fuse-protected current input, true RMS for accurate AC measurements, Audible/Visual Alarm when Overload, Auto ranging, Duty cycle and Relative mode. The compact, reliable and economical GDM-500 Series is ideal for engineers.

Included Accessories

User manual, Test leads, Battery,
USB cable & Adapter socket (GDM-541/533 only),
K-type thermocouple (GDM-533/532 only)

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