Cirris: AD5P Adapters

“D” Shell (Compatible with SCSI-III), Sockets

Additional information


Part Numbers

Standard Part #: With Replaceable Connector 1500V Enabled Testable Grounded Shell Signature Board Size
AD5P-20 RD5P-20 N/A Standard 29F991 Single
AD5P-26 RD5P-26 N/A Standard A15CC1 Single
AD5P-40 RD5P-40 N/A Standard 629BB1 Double
AD5P-50 RD5P-50 N/A Standard 089452 Double
AD5P-60 RD5P-60 N/A Standard BB1321 Double
AD5P-68 RD5P-68 N/A Standard 15C761 Quad
AD5P-80* RD5P-80 N/A Standard 83DBC3 Quad
AD5P-96* RD5P-96 N/A Standard 85DCE3 Quad
AD5P-100* RD5P-100 N/A Standard 8248F3 Quad
AD5P-120* RD5P-120 N/A Standard D15391 Quad
*These adapters require customer supplied connectors.