Test Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Precision test systems for the verification to the highest Quality standards

The size and complexity of aerospace products is large and wide. Typically, the scope can include multiple wiring harnesses of 20,000 wires plus, which need to be tested for conformance to specification in regard to build & function. Faulty wiring or technical malfunction has terrible consequences.

For nearly 3 decades test systems from adaptronic have enabled the highest accuracy and absolute reliability in testing individual components or complete aircraft.


Satellites are designed for extremely long life. All components are exposed to extreme forces including temperature, acceleration and vibration during launch phase. In orbit, UV, solar and cosmic radiation cause materials age at accelerated rates and become brittle. Temperatures can reach down to -200 °C in the shadow and up to 200 °C in the sun.

Electric components and their connections need to ensure the proper functioning of the onboard equipment and systems. All components for power delivery as well as the signal transmission using cables, connector plugs, fixtures and backplanes are inspected against the smallest failures or damages.

Solar panels

Solar panels are virtually exclusively used for the energy supply in satellites. Both power demand and complexity demands have increased significantly within the past decade. As the complexity grows, so does the need for comprehensive test and function proving of the solar cells as well as their wiring interconnection become mandatory.

  • Distributed test point switching matrix for an easy final inspection of complete aircraft
    • Up to 300,000 test points possible
    • Expansion units in various sizes and types for connection to the mains voltage
    • Compact, weight-optimized matrix cases for an operation according to DIN EN 2283 (aircraft wiring test) inside the aircraft
    • Short interface cables increase measurement accuracy, reduce cost and complexity.
  •  Compact, portable testers allow for functional test of sub-assemblies directly at the point of manufacture, (e.g. plumbing units in aircraft, components for satellites)
  • Modular designed test systems can be configured exactly to the specification required and the specific testing / operational requirements
  • Attenuation measurement according to MIL-1553 standard is available.

High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems For The Aerospace Sector