CH2 Interface Connector

Fixturing parts that mate with CH2 & A1KM Adapter Family.


Cirris provides parts to help you build and maintain fixturing. You can buy mating connectors and mating connector crimps to help assemble your fixturing. You can also purchase prepared cables and connectors that mate with the CH2 and A1KM adapter family. By purchasing parts and assembling your own fixturing, you can reduce labor and delivery times in producing your end products.

The fastest way to get started is with the AC61-KF Conductor Discrete Male cable. One end of this cable connects to your CH2 while the other end has unterminated wires. Cirris designed this cable to be durable and adaptable to your specific fixturing needs.

  • 24 AWG (19×36) stranded annealed silver plated copper wire.
  • Tested for series resistance, insulation resistance, and DWV at 1500 VDC.
  • Heavy wall extruded PTFE insulation provides isolation for IR and DWV tests.
  • Plastic housing protects the terminals and relieves strain on attachments.
  • Configured to maximize creepage distance in the interface connector.
  • Terminal assignments are marked on a shrink tube label without burning or branding.
  • MIL-W-16878/5 EE compliable.

All Cirris products are built out of quality material and tested to ensure durability and efficiency.