CH2 to CR Transition Interfaces

Enable your CH2 tester to interface with fixturing built for the CR tester


Name Part Number Description
ch2-to-cr-transition-inferface.4_f ACH2-CR Converter ACH2-CR Converts two CH2 connectors to one 64-position header as found on CR tester. Mates directly to CH2.
ch2-to-cr-transition-inferface.1_f ADCH-34 Adapter ADCH-34 34 Position Ribbon Cable Adapter for CH2 (32 pins live)
ch2-to-cr-transition-inferface.2_f ADCH-MB Mounting Bracket ADCH-MB Mounting Bracket for ADCH-34 (1 required for each set of 5 ADCH-34s)
ch2-to-cr-transition-inferface.3_f AC20-YC Cable AC20-YC Ribbon “Y” Cable, 2-ft long, for use with ACH2-CR. Two 34-position connectors mate with two ACH2-CR converters; 64-position connector on opposite end emulates CR interface.


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