Cirris: Cirris 4250 High Voltage Tester

High voltage testing at an affordable price.


A new generation of easy high voltage testing.

You want a cable tester that can meet industry standards and regulations, but still be easy to use and test cables accurately. The 4250’s intuitive software interface and flexible hardware system make testing cables quick and easy.

Like all Cirris testers, the 4250 can reliably test cables for wiring errors. New features have been added to improve the testing experience. With a full color capacitive touch screen and new Cirris OS software, the 4250 is one of the most capable cable testers on the market.

  • Quality Without Being Overpriced: Affordable for small shops and scalable for larger operations.
  • High Voltage: Test with voltages of up to 2000 VDC or 1000 VAC (1500 VDC standard).
  • All essential testing: Test for opens, shorts, miswires, and intermittent errors. Also test components such as resistors, diodes, and capacitors.
  • Fast Testing: Innovative technology and efficient algorithms reduce time spent on testing.
  • Compact: Small, lightweight, and self-contained for easy movement around production floor.
  • Expandable for Large Assemblies: Expansion boxes create up to 1024 test points (128 points per box).
  • Easy to Learn: No advanced skills or training necessary to begin testing.
  • Built-in Networking: Easily share test programs and printers among multiple units.
  • Test Program Customization: Customize labels, reports, digital IO, etc. in individual test programs or globally.
  • Multiple Language Options: Avoid mistakes caused by language barriers.
  • Quick Test Setup: The Cirris Adapter System provides inexpensive, interchangeable fixturing.
  • Transition from 1100: Use test programs and reports already setup in the 1100H+ on the 4250.
  • Durable: Test thousands of cables without fear of equipment failure.
  • Optional PC Control: Connect to a PC and expand capability with Cirris Easy-Wire™ software.
  • Full-color touch screen: View instructions and test results on 7” display.

Additional information



Test Points

128 points; expandable to 1,024 points in 128-point increments

Low Voltage Test

2 Wire

  • Voltage: 4 V max
  • Current: 3 μA to 6 mA
  • Resistance: 0.1 Ω to 100 kΩ ± 1% ± 0.1 Ω, 100 kΩ to 5 MΩ ± 10%

4 Wire

  • Voltage: 4 V max
  • Current: 1 mA to 6 mA
  • Resistance: 0.005 Ω to 10 Ω ± 2% ± 0.005 Ω

Component Tests

  • Diodes: Silicon, LEDs, zeners with breakdown < 4 V
  • Resistors: 0.1 Ω to 100 kΩ ± 1% ± 0.1 Ω, 100 kΩ to 5 MΩ ± 10%
  • Capacitors: 5 nF to 100 μF ±10% ± 0.02 nF

High Voltage Test

Insulation Resistance Test

  • Voltage: 50 to 1500 VDC ± 5% ± 5 V (2000 VDC optional)
  • Resistance: 5 MΩ to 1000 MΩ ± 10%

Dielectric Withstand Test

  • Voltage: 50 to 1500 VDC ± 5% ± 5 V (2000 VDC optional, 50 to 1000 VAC optional)
  • Current Limit: 0.1 mA to 1.5 mA
  • Max Capacitance Per Net: 150 nF @ 300 VDC, 90 nF @ 500 VDC, 45 nF @ 1000 VDC, 30 nF @ 1500 VDC, 9.5 nF @ 1000 VAC
  • HV Energy Limit: 35 mJ
  • HV Charge Limit: 45 μC

Max Points Per Net


Digital Input/Output

4 Inputs / 6 Outputs, 24 V Open collector, +10 V and +5 V each current limited to 100 mA

Test Point Interface

Cirris Adapter System

User Interface

  • Display: 7” color graphical display with capacitive touch screen(800 X 480 pixel resolution)
  • Localisation: English, German, Spanish with ability to translate to other languages as needed
  • Memory: Internal memory for test program storage (8GB or more)
  • File transfer: Transfer test programs either by connecting directly to a PC or using a USB flash drive.
  • Printing: Local label printing via serial port. Network printing via optional Cirris Hub™ software.
  • Optional PC control: Additional advanced features via Easy-Wire® software


100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 1.2A


  • Main Unit: 17.35” x 6.47” x 6.70” (44.07 cm x 16.43 cm x 17.01 cm)
  • Add-on Box: 6.25” x 5.22” x 6.70” (15.85 cm x 13.25 cm x 17.01 cm)


  • Main Unit: 11.35 lb (5.15 kg)
  • Add-on Box: 5.00 lb (2.27 kg)


Base Unit Voltage and Point Options

4250 1500 VDC 128 points  |  C4250-1500
4250 1500 VDC 64 points  |  C4250-1564
4250 2000 VDC 128 points  |  (Available Soon) C4250-2000


Expansion Boxes

4250 1500 VDC 128 points  |  4250-E15
4250 2000 VDC 128 points  |  (Available Soon) 4250-E20

Increase the test points of your test system. Add up to seven expansion boxes for a maximum of 1024 test points. Seven add-ons can be mounted in one or two rows. An internal cable, CBL-1024, must be used when using seven expansion boxes.

AC Option

4250 AC Option  |   S1KV-AC

Adds hipot capability up to 1000 VAC. For activation, call CTS with your model and serial number.

Scripting Option

4250 Scripting Option  |  SCPT-4250

Scripting can make your tester extremely flexible and able to customise a test process to fit a unique task. Examples for using scripts:

  • Create complex tests that are easy for line workers to use.
  • Control external devices such as lamps, hold-down clamps, markers, etc.
  • Test devices such as switches, gas fuses, zener diodes, bi-color diodes, etc.
  • Verify color and lighting of LEDs.
  • Display operator prompts and messages.
  • Hipot different nets at different voltages.

PC Control Option, Data Collection and Easy-Wire

4250 PC Control, Data Collection, and Easy-Wire Software  |  SEW-4250

Allows you to control your tester with a Windows PC running Easy-Wire Software. Easy-Wire adds greater test and report control.

Data Collection Option (Coming Soon)

4250 Data Collection  |  SPC-4250

Allows the 4250 to save test data which can then be imported into a spreadsheet or third party SPC data processing program. You can use the data to analyze and improve product quality or to generate reports for either your customers or in-house management team. Data collection is also required when the tester is used with Easy-Wire Software to show measured values on reports.

Performance Verification Kit (Coming Soon)

4250 Performance Verification Kit  |  PCHK-4250

Allows you to verify the calibration and proper functionality of the 4250 tester. For information on tester calibration, click here.

Digital IO Expansion Module

42XX/1100/Easy-Touch Digital IO Expansion Module  |  DIO-MOD

The 4250 Tester comes standard with four inputs and six outputs. The Digital IO Expansion Module increases IO capability with 20 pins that can be configured to either inputs or outputs, and eight output-only pins. Use Digital I/O to add automation devices, such as start buttons, clamping mechanisms, status lights and audio output.


Cirris Hub Software 2019.2.26
(Allows network file sharing and printing)

4200 Series Firmware Updater 2019.2.0.1010
(Update to the latest firmware). New Features & Fixes.

Optional software:

Cirris Easy-Wire Software (Allows tester to connect to a PC)

Cirris Server Software (Allows networking when the tester is controlled by a PC)

LUA Scripting (Allows customization of the test process)


Cirris 4250 Datasheet