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For over thirty years, Cirris Testers have been ensuring that the cables, wires and harnesses in your devices are tested on quality products to guarantee functionality and accuracy. Whether you are testing the cables or using the end product, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with good cables, wires and harnesses.

Testing requirements are changing as quickly as technology improves. Cables and harnesses demand higher voltage and more complex assemblies. Cirris manufactures products to meet these requirements. Combined Test Solutions is the UK’s only official distributor of Cirris products. We offer  a range of testers, software, adapters and other tools to fulfil your testing needs.

CR1 Cirris tester

Cirris CR Modular Bench Top Cable Tester

Guided assembly that tests while you build

Connect multiple Cirris CR testers together for complex assemblies with thousands of points. The system supports guided assembly with on-screen connector images highlighting proper cavity positions, guidance LEDs on the assembly board, & immediate graphical & audible feedback to catch errors as they occur.

Easy touch pro high voltage tester

Easy Touch Pro High Voltage Tester

High voltage tester with built-in Windows OS

The Easy Touch Pro is a self-contained high voltage cable tester designed for easy integration within your manufacturing process. Powered by a Windows® and Cirris easy-wire software, this tester provides a good mix of function and flexibility.

Cirris 4200 low voltage tester

Cirris 4200 Low Voltage Tester

A new generation of easy cable testing

The Cirris 4200 cable tester combines the powerful Cirris OS software with the intuitive Cirris adapter system to create a capable tester that can accurately analyze your cables for opens, shorts, miswires, and other errors.

Cirris 4250 high voltage cable tester

Cirris 4250 High Voltage Tester

High voltage testing at an affordable price

You want a cable tester that can meet industry standards and regulations, but still be easy to use and test cables accurately? The 4250’s intuitive software interface and flexible hardware system make testing cables quick and easy.

cirris ch2 tester

Cirris CH2 Modular Bench Top Tester

Our most capable tester for complex assemblies

The Cirris CH2 bench top tester is smaller than a microwave and has the power to test thousands of points. Connect the CH2 to your PC and use Cirris easy-wire software for hipot (HV) testing of complex cables and harnesses.

1000 RX low cost tester

Cirris 1000RX Low Cost Tester

Easy to use, low cost tester

The easy-to-use Cirris 1000RX presents results in little time. The use of Signature Analysis ensures accuracy, and interchangeable adapters allow customizable tests. Test a variety of cables in little time with one tester.

quality test solutions

Don’t Compromise on Quality and Expertise

If you’re not comfortable with the possibility of choosing a test equipment supplier who doesn’t deliver consistently or lacks the technical expertise and depth of support you need, we’d encourage you to contact us for your testing requirements. Now that we have high capability partners and products to compliment the well-established Cirris cable harness tester…


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Why choose Cirris and Combined Test Solutions?

Cirris Solutions, are essentially the UK arm of Cirris Systems Corp. in the USA and are renowned as the leading UK providers of cable and harness test solutions. Our recent name change to Combined Test Solutions changes nothing when it comes to providing excellence in cable testing. We are still the ONLY OFFICIAL distributor of…