Saluki Technology: CSA-M Series Signal Analyzer

CSA-M Series Benchtop Signal Analyzer

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CSA-M Series Benchtop Signal Analyzer


Saluki CSA-M series benchtop signal analyzer reaches the frequency from 100 kHz to up to 26.5 GHz with a maximum of 40 MHz analysis bandwidth. It can test signal power, frequency, phase, P-1, TOI, OBW, channel power, spurious, ACPR, CCDF, SEM, EVM, and other indicators.

CSA-M series signal analyzer is a cost-effective tool for essential signal characterization. Its capabilities provide a solid foundation for testing in general-purpose and educational applications.

Key Features

•Frequency range from 100kHz to 26.5GHz
•Low DANL level to -164dBm @ 1GHz (preamp on)
•1Hz minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW)
•Fast continuous scanning technology
•13.3 inch LCD touch screen, easy and convenient user operation

Your Reliable RF&MW Test Equipments

• Convenient and Easy: high-resolution LCD touch screen
• Quick Combination: miniature chassis + integrated software
• High Performance: benchmarking Keysight performance
• Stable and Reliable: rigorous test + statistical analysis
• Customer Value: cost-effective + high efficiency
• R&D Technology: calibration test + LO technology + signal processing + channel technology


P26 Pre-amplifier
B40 40MHz Analysis Bandwidth / To output real-time signal acquisition data through optical fiber and support signal data output with maximum 40MHz bandwidth.
HAS High Resolution Step Attenuator / 0-50dB,2dB step
PFR Precision Frequency Reference
RTA Real Time Analysis

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