GW Instek: Digital Multimeter GDM-8342GP


Dual Measurement Multimeter – 4 3/4 Digit – USB Stick Port – GPIB


GDM-8342 with GPIB 50,000 Counts Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter with GPIB interface


• 50,000 counts, VFD display
• Dual measurement/Dual display
• Selectable measurement speeds, the maximum: 40 Readings/s for DCV
• The basic precision of DC voltage: 0.02%
• Auto/manual Ranging
• True RMS (AC,AC+DC) measurements
• 11 different measurement functions
• Max./Min., REL, MX+B, 1/X, Ref%, Compare, Hold, dB, dBm
• Standard USB device interface to connect with a computer
• Temperature measurement function (GDM-8342 only)
• USB storage for Data collection (GDM-8342 only)


Unrestrained Storage and Connection
— Data storage no longer be bound by transmission wire
GW INSTEK rolls out the new generation Dual Measurement Multimeter — the GDM-834x series, which has two models -GDM-8341 and GDM 8342. Its exceptional features include 50,000 counts, VFD dual-display, 0.02% basic DC voltage accuracy and a USB protocol connector to provide users with measurement precision, lucid data observation, and the convenience to connect with the personal computer.
The GDM-834x series not only supports the fundamental measurement items provided by general multimeters, but also equips with capacitance and temperature measurement functions. Furthermore, the GDM-834x series also provides many auxiliary functions to meet the measurement requirements for manufacturing process tests, educational experiments and testing facilities.
With respect to storing and retrieving data, the GDM-834x series has two methods to offer: first, the USB flash drive storage function — operating alone without connecting with a computer; second, USB interface (virtual COM port) and optional GPIB interface (must be installed in factory) for automatic measurement system users to conveniently save and retrieve data.
• Convenient USB flash drive storage function
• Selectable measurement speeds
• Various measurement items and functionalities
• Dual measurement/dual display
• Command compatibility & Free software-remote control and data retrieving

Included Accessories

Safety Instruction Sheet x1, Power cord x1, Test lead GTL-207A x1,
CD x 1 (including complete user manual, USB driver and PC software)

Note : Optional GPIB interface is only for GDM-8342 and it must be installed in factory.

Optional Accessories
GTL-205A Temperature probe adaptor with thermocouple (K-type), Approx. 1000mm
GTL-246 USB Cable, A-B type, Approx. 1200mm
GTL-248 GPIB Cable, Approx. 2000mm
GRA-422 Rack Mount Kit (19″ 2U)
GDM-TL1 Test Lead Set for All DMM
GSC-014 Soft Carrying Case for DMM Accessory

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