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Three-Phase Digital Power Meter

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NEW digital power meters designed specifically for measuring power in three-phase AC power sources, making it suitable for most electrical and electronic product testing applications (GPM-8320 provides 2 modules, and GPM-8330 provides 3 modules). These models have a testing bandwidth of DC, 0.1Hz~100 kHz and feature 16-bit A/D converters and a sampling rate of 300 kHz. A 5-inch TFT LCD display, 5 digits of measurement readings, 25 different power measurement parameters, and high precision measurement capabilities are also provided. GPM-8320/8330 also feature waveform display capabilities (voltage/current/power), the integration measurement function, harmonics measurement and analysis of multiple orders (50/60Hz measurement complies with IEC61000-4-7 requirements), external sensor input terminals, and a variety of communications interfaces. These features help users achieve clear, convenient, and accurate power measurements, making them the most fully featured and cost-effective power meters in the same category.

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