What does a performance check kit look for?

  • Signal Routing System
  • Resistance Measurement System
  • Capacitance Standards
  • High Voltage verification (if applicable)

Does a performance check kit calibrate my testers?

The performance check kit does not calibrate your tester. It tells you if your tester is still operating within calibration standards set at the factory. If your tester needs to be calibrated, you must send it to Combined Test Solutions to make the necessary hardware modifications or replacements that will bring it back into calibration.

How long is certification valid?

Each performance check kit is provided with a certificate of calibration to verify the kit for two years before needing to be replaced.

Can performance kits be recalibrated?

Once the performance check kit has expired,we recommend purchasing a new kit. This is due to the cost of time and labour for re-calibration. Please Contact us for further details.

Do you need a different kit for each model of tester?

Yes – Contact us for details.

Can Combined Test Solutions perform On-site calibration?

Yes – Contact us for details.

Can I send my tester to Combined Test Solutions for calibration?

Yes – Contact us for details.

If my tester fails verification can I get it repaired and recalibrated?

Yes – Combined Test Solutions offers a comprehensive Cirris Systems repair and recalibration service. Contact us for more details.

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