Test Solutions for Cable Harnesses

Rapidly and easily find defective or miswired cables and harnesses

CTS ( 27 years operating as Cirris Solutions Ltd) have supplied more portable test systems than all our competitors combined – well over 35,000 portable testers have been made and supplied by Cirris.

Why – simply big is not beautiful and very little testing in the world of cables and harnesses needs large rack based systems. Portable bench top solutions cost less, are generally faster in operation and can be moved from place to place with minimal upheaval.

Plus, not all testing is carried out in the factory or hanger environment so CTS manufacture, configure and supply a full range of test systems in a field deployable, rugged, portable format.

Test systems can be built into shock resistant and water-resistant suitcases, or into purpose built racks.  Typical applications include military support test systems used in the field, Oil and Gas systems used offshore, and rail application systems used daily to test systems on trains. Contact CTS our range of rugged, portable housings, cabinet and flight-case systems, offering protection against shock, humidity, impact and temperature.

Many CTS supplied test solutions are designed to be used on a portable basis, with handheld units designed for use within a factory environment. In addition, it is possible to configure them to be controlled by a portable tablet for complete mobility when testing on site, a solution that is particularly useful when testing large assemblies such as aircraft fuselage or rail carriage assemblies.

General Wire Harness Test Systems