GW Instek: GPT-15012 (CE) High DC Voltage Safety Analyzer

DC 12kV Electrical Safety Analyzer

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The GPT-15012 High DC Voltage Model of Safety Analyzer

GW Instek introduces the high DC voltage model of safety analyzer – the GPT-15012, which is the safety analyzer to comply with IEC 61010-2-034 (Safety requirement for electrical requirement for measurement, control and laboratory use – particular requirements for measurement equipment for insulation resistance and test equipment for electric strength), which stipulates that the requirements of the software and hardware interfaces must be followed while designing high voltage and insulation resistance test and measurement instruments so as to ensure that users are provided with necessary protection and warning while using the instruments. Due to the high voltage output characteristics of GPT-15012, it is particularly suitable for the safety testing requirements of various high-voltage insulation products, such as energy storage/photovoltaic components, high-voltage relays, wires and cables, etc.

The series utilizes 7-inch color TFT LCD and inherits the consistent simplicity key design style of the product family to allow users to experience easy operations and a clear observation of the test results. The major test functions include DC withstanding voltage test (DC 12kV/10mA) and insulation resistance test (DC 50V~5000V/50GΩ max.) The GPT-15012 also collocates with superb output adjustment resolution, measurement resolution (DC withstanding voltage: 0.1μA; insulation resistance: 0.1MΩ), controllable voltage ramp up and ramp down time settings, and upper/lower limit judgement settings, and large capacitance test capability (up to 47uF) for DUT with large capacitance such as surge absorber and large capacitance on the input terminal of EMC/EMI prevention.

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