APM Technologies: High Power DC Power Supply | 6kW - 36kW

SP-3U/6U Series High Power DC Power Supply – 6kW ~ 36kW – Supports master-slave mode, paralleling up to 16 units for up to 576kW

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The High Power SP Series Power Supplies
The SP Series of high performance programmable DC power supplies uses high frequency isolation and active PFC design, which allows it to achieve high efficiency at any point of origin. The DSP and FPGA control circuitry enables faster but more stable internal data computation and responsiveness. An optional built-in electronic load enables the power supply unit to be operated as a two-quadrant power supply unit. The solar array simulation function offers a unique function for simulating the output characteristics of a solar panel.

Users can select the built-in standard automotive power line voltage curves to directly perform the DUT performance test according to the requirements. Built-in intelligent 3-stage charging algorithm simulation suitable for commonly known battery types on the market. List and level modes can be used for automatic sequence output. Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interfaces, LAN & GPIB or CAN communication card is optional.
Features of the SP Series Power Supplies
• Large colour touch screen with intuitive interface provides an excellent intuitive operating experience
• Continuous source & sink function with APM DC E-Load to expand the charging capacity (optional)
• 3-phase input voltage corresponds to the worldwide power distribution regulation
• Constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and constant power (CP) operating mode, CC or CV work priority setting
• Adjustable voltage / current rate of rise
• DDS arbitrary function generator *
• Function to simulate the IU curve of the solar module *
• Intelligent 3-stage charging algorithm simulation *
• Function of the battery simulator *
• List / step mode programming
• TTL / analog control and monitoring
• Built-in standard automotive grid voltage curves *
• Full protection: OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP protection
• Supports master-slave mode, parallel connection of up to 16 units
• Supports SCPI commands, offers web GUI function
• 2 year guarantee
* Only units of the professional version support these functions

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