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Access 2 Prober (without Tracker)


Huntron® Access 2 Prober

Putting a Flying Probe Exactly where you need it on large PCAs

The Huntron Access 2 Prober is used to automate the testing of printed circuits assemblies (PCA) that would otherwise have to be tested by hand. Adding Flying Probe tester technology your test procedure will significantly decrease test times therefore increasing productivity.
The Access 2 Prober is designed to accurately access test points on medium to large sized PCAs. The exceptional accuracy achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding ensures reliable probing of the smallest surface mounted components. By using either the standard built-in test probe or a custom test probe, the Huntron Access 2 Flying Prober Tester adds flying probe technology to your new or existing equipment. The high-resolution color camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

• Cost effective, desktop robotic platform
• Design, manufacturing and service depot applications
• Increase operator productivity
• 10:1 or better probing speed when compared to manual methods
• Save on labour costs


Access Prober 2 Highlights

• Single head flying prober tester in a benchtop sized platform
• Sized for medium to large PCAs
• Exceptional accuracy for precise probing of PCAs
• Durable design for many years of service
• Can be connected to a Huntron Tracker® 3200S
• Automate tests using other mainline test instruments with optional SDK packages

Tech Specs

Access 2 Prober Specification
Number of Test Heads 1
Maximum Board Under Test Size 22″ x 23″ (56cm x 58cm)
Maximum Probing Area 18.2″ x 22.4″ (46.2cm x 56.9cm)
Maximum Board Component Height 4″ (10cm)
Dimensions 36″ W x 15.7″ H x 29″ D (91.44cm W x 39.88cm H x 73.66cm D)
Accuracy and Resolution 0.0007874″ (±20 microns) at 0.0003937″ (10 microns) minimum


Included Accessory Part Number

Huntron Workstation CD Part number 06-5228
Manual on CD Part number 06-5217
Huntron Microprobes – MP10 (supplied with Access with Tracker) Part number 98-0078
4 Common leads Part number 98-0043
Common Lead with Ferrite Bead (EMI reduction) Part number 98-0227
Power cord Part number 98-0015
USB Cable Part number 98-0418
Tool Kit Part number 98-0452
2 Crossbar Assemblies – 22″ Part number 98-0119
Slide Bar Extension Part number 98-0132
4 Rotating Slide Bar Assemblies Part number 98-0685
4 1″ Rotating PCA Support Arms Part number 01-3586
4 2″ Rotating PCA Support Arms Part number 01-3598
4 0.5″ PCA Support Pins used with Rotating PCA Support Arms Part number 01-3669
4 Wing Nuts used with Rotating PCA Support Arms Part number 07-3317
PCA Support Kit Part number 98-0167
2 Board Spacers (4 slot) Part number 98-0292
3/32 Allen Wrench for Stop Blocks Part number 98-0228
2 BNC Cables – 36″ Part number 98-0479
Coax Cable (supplied with Access 2 with Tracker) Part number 98-0510
Probe Kit (includes 50mil Probe Holder) Part number 98-0126
Video Microscope Part number 98-0693

Optional Accessory Part Number

Rotating Board Holder Kit Part number 98-0592

Access 2 Prober FAQ

Q: What are the primary differences between the Access and the Access 2?

Answer: The main difference is size. The Access Prober is sized for small to medium dimension PCBs while the Access 2 Prober can handle larger PCBs. The Access 2 has additional vertical space to handle taller features on a PCB. See the Compare Prober Specifications chart for the actual dimensions.

Q: What types of test hardware can be connected to an Access 2 Prober?

Answer: The Huntron Workstation software supports Huntron Trackers (Tracker Model 30 and Tracker 3200S) and selected conventional test instruments (see the Workstation Software page for a list). Other test instrumentation can be connected to an Access Prober and controlled using Huntron Remote Control or custom applications developed using the Hardware SDK.

Q: How fast is the Access 2 Prober?

Answer: The probing speed depends on how the Prober is being used. If it is being used to take measurements, the speed in affected by how long it takes to capture the measurement. In general, you will be able to probe about two seconds per point.

Q: How accurate is the Access 2 Prober?

Answer: Huntron Access Probers are very accurate. The minimum step resolution is 10 microns with an accuracy of +/- 20 microns. This is more than accurate enough to probe very small lead spaced devices such as the 0.4mm surface mounted ICs.

Q: Can I use CAD data to develop a test routine?

Answer: Yes. Optional software is available to assist you in using your CAD data to create tests in Huntron Workstation. You can find more details by visiting the Workstation Software page.

Q: How does the Rotating PCA Support system work?

Answer: Included with the Access 2 Prober is a combination of slide bars, movable arms and pins that allow you to mount the PCB under test using the board’s mounting holes. We refer to these parts as the Huntron Board Holder Kit. Rather than trying to explain the details here, take a look at the Huntron Board Holder Kit instruction sheet.

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