Huntron: Huntron Tracker 3200S

Tracker 3200S with Scanning functionality (includes Workstation SW)

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Huntron® Tracker® 3200S

Trusted Technology in Power-off Testing for your Circuit Board Repair needs

The Huntron Tracker 3200S is designed to encompass our product history and leadership in power-off test by providing powerful test and troubleshooting solutions.
The Tracker 3200S features variable range parameters resulting in hundreds of voltage, source resistance and frequency combinations. You can create Tracker ranges to precisely fit your needs.

The Tracker 3200S uses a color, touch screen LCD for control of features such as range configuration, front panel pin selection and Channel A/B settings. The Tracker 3200S LCD provides a very fast screen refresh rate for quick screening of component pins and display the A and B channel signatures at the same time (A+B mode). The built-in Pulse Generator enables you to dynamically test gated devices such as SCRs, TRIACs and relays (see Quicktip #14 on the Technical Support web page for more about using the Pulse Generator).

Huntron Workstation Software
The Huntron Workstation software is included enabling you to automate analog signature analysis (ASA) based tests by creating a test plan, capturing signatures, comparing to stored signatures and viewing the results. The ability to automatically store signatures and document a specific test procedure allows for the sharing of knowledge among all users.

Cable based Scanning
The Tracker 3200S features two 64 pin IDC connectors (one per channel) where custom cable interfaces can be used to quickly scan PCB connectors as a type of “first pass” test. If signature differences are detected then you can trace the connector pin to the component level saving you troubleshooting time. The two 64 pin connectors can be combined for a total of 128 pins and you have the ability to select any pin to be used as Common. You can also use standard IC clips and cables to easily scan standard ICs and select SOICs. Clips are readily available from companies such as Digi-Key and Pomona Electronics (see FAQ below for more information).

Automate your Test with an Access Prober
The Tracker 3200S is designed to connect to a Huntron Access Prober for full diagnostic automation. BNC connections on the rear panel allow you to easily interface the Huntron Access, Access 2 or Access DH Probers. If you need to test high density, surface mount PCBs, robotic automation is a tremendous time saver.

Tracker Model 3200s LCD
Save Your Favorite Range Combinations
Most Tracker users have their preferred range settings and the Tracker 3200S can save four range combinations that you use the most. These can be selected on the touch screen display (buttons 1-4).
The LCD also displays current ranges settings, pulse generator settings, current selected pin, SigAssist calculated values (resistance, capacitance, power, forward and reverse diode breakdown voltages), A vs. B comparison tolerance and Pass/Fail indication.


• Add the benefits of Power-Off test to your current diagnostic test strategy
• Can be used as a Stand-alone unit using the convenient front panel controls and touch screen LCD
• Match the circuit impedance by setting the applied voltage, frequency and source resistance
• Built-in Pulse Generator for testing gated devices such as relays, SCRs and TRIACs
• 128 pin scanning with 128 Commons using the built-in front panel IDC ribbon cable connectors
• Display A or B channels individually, in the switching ALT mode or in A+B mode to display both signatures at the same time
• Connect to a Huntron Access Prober for full test automation
• Use the Huntron Workstation software to create circuit board tests, store analog (V-I) signatures, make good vs. bad comparisons and present the results
• Having the Good board signatures stored on your PC eliminates the need to keep one for direct comparison
• A software based test allows for the sharing of board test knowledge with all personnel

Tech Specs

Part Number 99-0432
Number of Voltages plus values 24 voltages: 200mV, 400mV, 600mV, 800mV, 1V to 20V in 1V steps including 10V (Low), 15V (Med 1), 20V (Med 2)
Number of Resistances plus values 16 resistances: 10Ω, 20Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ, 20kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ, 54Ω (Low)*, 1.2kΩ (Med 1)*, 26.7kΩ (Med 2)*
* Through Huntron Workstation only
Number of Frequencies plus values 40 frequencies: 20Hz to 190Hz in 10Hz steps; 200Hz to 1.9kHz in 100Hz steps; 2kHz to 5kHz in 1kHz steps
Range Selection Stand alone mode: Front panel push buttons and preset LCD buttons
Remote Mode: Controlled by Huntron Workstation
Display Color TFT LCD with Touch screen; LED back light
Pulse Generator Level: 0 to +/- 10V DC or Square wave; Pulse mode width: 2% to 50% duty cycle; Source Resistance: 100Ω; Maximum current: 100mA per channel
Front Panel Connections Banana jacks for A/B Test channels and Common
Banana jacks for Pulse Generator outputs (G1, G2)
Two 64 pin IDC connectors (can be combined for 128 pins) with selectable Common pin for use with PCB interface cables or IC clips
Rear Panel Connections BNC connectors for A/B Test channels and Common (used to interface to Access Prober); AUX connector for Footswitch accessory (included)


Included Accessory Part Number

MP20 Microprobes Part number 98-0249
2 Common leads Part number 98-0043
Huntron ASA Training Course PCA Part number 06-3162
Power cord Part number 98-0015
USB Cable Part number 98-0683
Product Manuals CD Part number 06-5217
2 blue clip leads Part number 98-0284
Footswitch Part number 98-0315
Huntron Workstation software Part number 06-5228

Optional Accessory Part Number

Travel Case for Tracker 3200S Part number 98-0524


Q: What are the primary differences between the Tracker 3200S and ProTrack?

Answer:There are very few differences. The Tracker 3200S uses a LCD where the ProTrack used a CRT for signature display. The Tracker 3200S uses a combination of front panel and LCD touch screen buttons for range selection where the ProTrack used front panel buttons with an encoder knob. The 3200S has built-in 128 pin scanning capability where the ProTrack needed a ProTrack Scanner for scanning functions.
The ProTrack is an obsolete product with limited support making the Tracker 3200S a better long term choice for the future.

Q: What type of accessories can be connected to the Tracker 3200S?

Answer: The Tracker 3200S can be used alone or with the Huntron Workstation software. The Tracker 3200S can be connected to a Robotic Prober such as the Access Prober, Access 2 Prober or Access DH Prober.

Q: What are the primary differences between the Tracker 3200S and the Tracker 2800/2800S?

Answer: The Tracker 2800/2800S and the Tracker 3200S are very similar in overall function but their purposes are different.
The Tracker 3200S is designed to be used stand alone or connected to optional automation hardware such as Access Probers. The Tracker 2800/2800S is intended for benchtop use where additional automation is not needed.
The Tracker 3200S includes the Workstation software where it is optional with the Tracker 2800/2800S.
The Tracker 2800/2800s has a scaled down selection of ranges. The Tracker Model 3200S has the full compliment of ranges available with Huntron Workstation.
The Tracker 3200S can scan up to 128 with selectable common pins where the Tracker 2800S can scan up to 40 pins using a single common.

Q: Where can I find IC clips and cables for the 3200S scanner?

Answer: IC clips that connect through ribbon cables to the scanner connectors on the Tracker 3200S front panel are readily available from companies such as Digi-Key and Pomona Electronics. Clips come in different pin counts and spacing with the most common being 0.1″ (2.54mm) that fit standard through-hole ICs. SOIC (small outline) clips are also available for clipping onto 50mil lead spaced surface mounted ICs.
To make your own cables you will want the 64 pin IDC ribbon cable connectors that fit the scanner connections. The manufacturer part numbers are 1-1658620-2 (connector socket) and 1-499252-3 (connector strain relief).
We have a detailed drawing showing how you can construct your own DIP clip cable using readily available parts: Download DIP clip cable construction drawing

Q: Are custom interface cables for the 3200S scanner connections easy to make?

Answer: The Tracker 3200S uses a standard 64 pin IDC connector on the front panel so custom cables are easy to construct. You will need a 64 pin IDC socket (listed above) with 0.1′ spacing, ribbon cable with no more than 64 conductors, the connector that mates to the PCB jack or plug being tested and the tools to assemble the custom cable.

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