Huntron designs and manufactures tools for engineers and technicians who test, diagnose, and troubleshoot electronics. Huntron was founded in 1976 with the introduction of the Huntron Tracker, the pioneering troubleshooting tool that uses power-off signature analysis to identify component failures on printed circuit boards. Over time, Huntron has added robotic automation to help deal with the increase in board complexity and help users save valuable time. The current Access Prober product line can decrease test times tenfold when compared to manual methods.

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Product Code: 98-0315

Huntron Footswitch

Huntron Footswitch for Tracker Models 30, 2800, 2800S, 32 and 3200S

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Product Code: 98-0249

Huntron Microprobes-MP-20

Huntron Microprobes MP-20: for ProTrack, Tracker 2700, Tracker 2700S, TrackerPXI and Tracker Model 30