ITECH: IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply

300V/3A/300VA High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply

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Product Introduction

ITECH newly-launched IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply combines intelligence and flexibility, breaks through the huge defects of the traditional AC power source, reduces the size to only 1U half rack, maximizes space utilization. Built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator make it convenient to simulate various arbitrary waveform outputs. IT-M7700 programmable ac power supply is designed with advanced technologies of programmable AC and DC power supplies, and can be widely used in multiple fields such as power energy products, home appliances, industrial electronics, and IEC standards testing.

Product Model List

Model Voltage Current Power Resolving Accuracy Interface Size
IT-M7721 300V 3A 300VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VDC +0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog ½ 1U
IT-M7722 300V 6A 600VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VDC +0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog ½ 1U
IT-M7722E 300V 10A 1000VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VDC +0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog ½ 2U
IT-M7723 300V/600V 12A/6A 1200VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VDC +0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog 1U
IT-M7723E 300V 15A 1500VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VDC +0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog ½ 2U
IT-M7721L 300V 3A 300VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VAC+0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog ½ 1U
IT-M7722L 300V 6A 600VA 0.1V/10mA ±(0.25%×VAC+0.25%×F.S.) Optional RS232/CAN/LAN/GPIB/USB/External analog ½ 1U


• 1U half rack compact design, increased space utilization
• AC, DC, AC + DC output modes, DC voltage offset simulation in AC + DC mode
• Built-in AC power meter with powerful functions
• Built-in abundant waveform database, including 30 harmonic distortion waveforms*1
• List mode, simulate civil AC working condition, realize instantaneous power interruption simulation function*1*2
• Arbitrary waveform output function, user can customize waveforms*1
• Harmonic analysis function*1*5
• Harmonic simulation function*1
• Surge/Trap function*1
• Front and rear edge Dimmer phase dimming function
• Settable output waveform start/stop phase angle *1
• Higher voltage available by two units in series connection*1*3*4
• Three phase output available by three units Y-type external connections*1*3*4
• Optional interfaces include RS232, CAN*4, LAN, GPIB,
• USB_TMC,USB_VCP, external analog, IO. Flexible and cost effective
• With professional software, set up programs comply with multinational security regulations and test conditions, to complete IEC related standards testing*1*4
*1 IT-M7721L/IT-M7722L does not have this function
*2 Realize by PC software
*3 IT-M7723/IT-M7724 does not have this function
*4 Coming soon
*5 Voltage harmonic analysis, current harmonic analysis is coming out

Functions and Advantages

• RD, verification and testing of the small-size power supply production
• IEC standard testing
• Communications/Telecommunications
• AC power simulation
• Manufacturing and process control
• Battery or LCD applications
• ATE testing

1U half rack Mini size

The conventional AC power supplies are much bigger and heavier, difficult to move. The size of IT-M7700 lab ac power supply is only ½ 1U, but its max. power is up to 600VA. Its weight is 4.5kg only. With such high-power density design, the space is better utilized. So it can be portable, convenient for bench testing and good for system building.

Multiple output modes: AC, DC, AC+DC

The output modes of IT-M7700 series multi output ac power supply include AC, DC, AC+DC. It can not only provide pure AC or DC output but also AC+DC output mode which can expand application fields and test DC offset element.

Surge / Trap Wave Function

IT-M7700 series ac power supply provide surge and trap wave simulation function. User can add surge/trap wave to the output sine wave accordingly, to simulate voltage frequent fluctuation. Thus to simulate the real testing environment.

Built-in abundant waveform database

IT-M7700 series lab ac power supply has a variety of user-defined waveforms such as square, saw and triangle. There are 30 built-in distortion waveforms for users to edit and recall, which can also be used as the basic waveform to be recalled during list programming.

ITM7700 series has 30 built-in harmonic distortion waveforms

Options & Accessories

AC power cord (accessory)
IT-E251(Optional) Multi-machine interconnection …
IT-E1209(Optional) USB communication card with 1 …
IT-E1208(Optional) External analog quantity/RS485…
IT-E1207(Optional) RS232/CAN communication card w…
IT-E1206(Optional) USB/LAN communication card wit…
IT-E1205(Optional) GPIB
IT cabinet(Optional) IT cabinet 15U/27U/37U
IT-E154A Install effect chart … Rack kit for two cabinets. Pa…
IT-E154A(Optional) The cabinet has a pallet, 2 in…
IT-E154B Install effect chart … 1 cabinet rack kit. Pallet is …
IT-E154B(Optional) The cabinet has a pallet, 1 in…
IT-E154A+IT-E154C Install effe… When the cabinet has no tray, …
IT-E154C(Optional) Cabinet mounting kit, optional…
IT-E154A+IT-E154D Install effe… Installation renderings of two…
IT-E154D(Optional) Cabinet mounting kit The two I…
IT-E154B+IT-E154C Install effe… Installation effect of one cab…
IT-E30110-AB(Optional) 10A/1m/Alligator clip-banana p…
IT-E30110-BB(Optional) 10A/1m/banana plug-banana plug…
IT-E30110-BY(Optional) 10A/1m/banana plug-Y terminal,…
IT-E30312(20)-YY(Optional) 30A/1.2m(2m)/Y terminal, a pai…
IT-E30615-OO(Optional) 60A/1.5m/Round terminal, a pai…
IT-E31220-OO(Optional) 120A/2m/Round terminal, a pair…
IT-E32410(20)-OO(Optional) 240A/1m(2m)/Round terminal, a …
IT-E33620-OO(Optional) 360A/2m/Round terminal, a pair…

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