GW Instek: LCR Meter LCR-6100


GW Instek LCR-6100: Precision LCR Meter – 10Hz-100kHz – 4 digits resolution


LCR-6000 Precision LCR Meters

LCR-6100 10Hz ~ 100kHz High Precision LCR Meter


• 3.5” color LCD
• 5 models (10Hz~2kHz/20kHz/100kHz/200kHz/300kHz)
• Consecutive test frequency
• Basic accuracy : 0.05%
• Measuring speed up to 25ms (max.)
• Full frequency range or spot OPEN/SHORT
• 16 major/secondary parameter measurement combinations and two additional monitoring parameters(maximum four different parameters can be shown simultaneously)
• DCR measurement and internal D.C. bias voltage (±2.5V)
• PASS/FAIL judgment
• Auto Level Control (ALC) function
• BIN function provides 9BIN and 1AUX, totally 10 BIN
• 10 steps listed tests to select different frequency, voltage and current criteria
• Standard interface : RS-232C, Handler and USB Host / Device
• Compact size, ideal for automatic equipment (2U,1/2 RACK)


The LCR-6000 series, a compact LCR meter with diversified and abundant features, is an excellent tool for various application stages of passive components, including R&D, engineering testing, incoming inspection, etc., or the production and sorting of passive components.

High-precision LCR-6000 meter provides test frequency from 2kHz/20kHz/100kHz/200kHz/300kHz (the highest), the basic accuracy is up to 0.05%, and there are 5 models in total.

The LCR-6000 series adopts 3.5-inch color LCD and features opulent display parameters. In addition to simultaneously displaying setting criteria and measurement results, the series increases two additional monitoring parameters. In other words, there are four parameters, primary/secondary and two monitoring, simultaneously shown on the screen that tremendously enhances the measurement efficiency. The enlarge display mode not only emphasizes the measurement results, but also provides PASS/FAIL judgment to facilitate a rapid and convenient test result.

Convenience is one of the unique features. The LCR-6000 series comes equipped with two zero methods, which are full frequency range and spot. Users, without turning off the power and changing test fixture, can freely change frequency within the provided frequency range to conduct measurements. By so doing, tremendous time can be saved from repeatedly executing zero operation. Additionally, frequency range of the series is consecutive that allows users to input precise frequency value to conduct the most genuine test on components.

The brand new compacted LCR-6000 series can effectively improve the limitation of space. Diverse measurement functionalities and display methods are making the series the high CP ratio choice in meeting the requirements of R&D, component assessment for engineering departments, category sorting requirements for component production, and IQC for verification on component specifications.


Included Accessories
Safety Sheet x1, Power Cord x1, Test Fixture LCR-06B x1, CD x1(User manual / PC software)

LCR-16 +/- 45V DC Bias Voltage Box
LCR-17 +/- 2.5A DC Bias Current Box

Optional Accessories
LCR-05 Test Fixture for Axial & Radial Lead Compenents
LCR-06B Test Lead with Kelvin clip (4 wire type)
LCR-07 Test Lead with Alligator clip (2 wire type)
LCR-08 Test Fixture (Tweezers) for SMD/Chip components
LCR-15 Test Fixture for SMD/Chip components
GTL-232 RS-232C Cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin, null Modem for Computer, Approx.2000mm
GTL-246 USB Cable
GRA-422 Rack Mount Kit (19″ 2U)

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