GW Instek: Linear DC Power Supply | 180 W, 2 channel


Linear DC laboratory power supply | DC source, Linear, 180 W, 2x 0 – 30 V / 0 – 3 A, 7 kg, 2 channel


GPS-Series Linear D.C. Power Supply

GPS-2303 180W, 2-Channel, Linear D.C. Power Supply


• 4 Independent Isolated Output
• Four “3 Digits” LED Displays
• 0.01% Load and Line Regulation
• Low Ripple and Noise
• Tracking Operation and Auto Series/Parallel Operation
• Output ON/OFF Switch
• Output Voltage and Current Setting When Output Disable
• Fan Speed Control Circuit to Minimize Fan Noise
• Over Load and Reverse Polarity Protection
• Optional European Jack Type Terminal


The GPS-Series is 2-4 channel, 180 to 200W output, linear DC power supplies. Overload and reverse polarity protection, and an output on/off switch keep the GPS-Series and their load safe from unexpected conditions. A High regulation (0.01%+3mV) and low ripple/noise (< 1mVrms, 5Hz~1MHz) are maintained for channel 1 and 2 in constant voltage mode. Automated cooling fan speed control minimizes fan noise according to load conditions, ensuring quiet operation. The GPS-Series is an ideal solution for lightweight, inexpensive bench-top or portable applications requiring high regulation and multiple outputs.


User manual x 1, Power cord x 1,

GPS-4303:Test lead GTL-104A x 2,GTL-105A x 2 ; European test lead GTL-203A x 2,GTL-204A x 2, GTL-201A x1
GPS-3303:Test lead GTL-104A x 2,GTL-105A x 1 ; European test lead GTL-203A x 1,GTL-204A x 2, GTL-201A x1
GPS-2303:Test lead GTL-104A x 2 ; European test lead GTL-204A x 2, GTL-201A x1

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