APM Technologies: Middle Power DC Load | 1.2 kW-2U - 1200 V

Programmable DC electronic load – Power: 1200 W, Voltage: 1200 V, Current: 45 A

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This series of programmable electronic DC loads with a medium power offers three voltage ranges of 200 V / 600 V / 1200 V. It supports the four basic operating modes CV, CC, CR and CP as well as the three other operating modes CV + CC, CV + CR, CR + CC. Full protection includes OCP, OPP, OTP, over-voltage and reverse current alarm. Supports external control and monitoring mode. The 0 to 10 V input or output signal shows the voltage or current in the range from zero to full range. They provide OCP test, OPP test and short circuit simulation to effectively solve the requirements for performance and automated testing. RS232, RS485 and USB communication interfaces are integrated; LAN and GPIB communication cards are optional. Two or more loads can be connected in parallel mode to increase power or current capacity. This DC load series can be used as follows:
• Battery discharge
• DC charging stations
• Power electronics
• and other electronic products
Features of the EL1200VDC1200W DC Electronic Load
• Easy to use thanks to the colour touchscreen
• Supports the 4 basic operating modes CV / CC / CR / CP, as well as CV + CC / CV + CR / CR + CC of the more complex operating modes
• Adjustable current rise time
• Adjustable CV control speed
• Ultra-precise voltage and current measurement
• OCP / OPP test functionality
• 50kHz high speed CC / CR dynamic mode
• 500kHz high speed sampling rate for voltage and current
• Timing & discharge measurement for batteries
• Short circuit test mode
• Auto mode makes it easy to conduct complex tests
• Dynamic frequency sweep to detect voltage peaks *
• Realistically simulated charging current through non-linear load mode functionality *
• Supports external analog control function *
• V-Monitor / I-Monitor
• LED load simulation function
• Full protection: OCP, OPP, OTP, overvoltage and reverse current
• Up to 20 units via master / slave parallel control
• USB interface in the front panel enables data import and export
• SCPI language and standard rack sizes are ideal for integrating ATE systems
• Intelligent fan control with low and environmentally friendly noise level
• Interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB as standard. LAN & GPIB optional
* Only “Professional” models support this function. Please ask for the price.

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