VX Instruments: Option EXT/1: Extended output voltage range


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Product Introduction

Create individual waveforms with the PXA family of isolated arbitrary generators. An ideal instrument for rapid production testing with high throughput figures.


•Output voltage up to +30 V or ±15 V
•Up to 200 MS/s with 16 Bit resolution
•Fully isolated design with up to 2 independent channels
•Complex waveform sequencing
•Multiple instrument and channel synchronization possibilities
•Highly configurable trigger engine
•On the fly amplitude and offset changing
•1 marker output per channel
•Wide range of sample rates due to programmable internal PLL
•High bandwidth
•Available with PXI or PXI Express interface
•Based on VX Instruments FlexCPeP for easy custom design

Product Information

The arbitrary waveform generators of the PXA product family are analogue signal generators and can generate voltage or current curves as well as high DC voltages in 1 or 2 channels.
They are characterized particularly by all channels being potential-free and by the high sample rate in combination with a high amplitude resolution. This means that differential signals can be output precisely even at high voltage potentials.

A freely programmable digital marker signal is available on the front panel for synchronization of other measuring devices.


Ordering Information Comment
PXAe722x 100 MS/s, PXI Express interface
PXAe724x 200 MS/s, PXI Express interface
PXA722x 100 MS/s
PXA724x 200 MS/s
Option MEM4MB 4 MB Memory
Option MEM8MB 8 MB Memory
Option MEM16MB 16 MB Memory
Option EXTVOLT Extended output voltage range
Option TCXO Temperature compensated crystal oscillator

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