Applicos: PA72D14130 - 14 Bit / 130 MS/s Digitizer

PA72D14130 daughter board – 14-bit / 130Msps Digitizer_x000D_


Product Introduction

The PA72D14130 is a 14-bit digitizer, capable of capturing waveforms at
speeds up to 130Msps. An onboard offset voltage source allows capturing
offset signals while still using the optimal range for maximum ADC
utilization. Two onboard filters allow suppression of out-of-band noise.
The 64MWord onboard memory enables capturing very long waveforms,
or sequentially capturing multiple signals with minimal intermediate bus

Technical Specifications

Channels 1
Resolution 14-bit
Sample rate 1MHz – 130MHz
Memory depth 64M-word
Input ranges (span) 0.338VP to 3.6VP in 8 ranges
Input operating area -3.6V to +3.6V
Input configuration Differential or Single-Ended
Input impedance 10kOhm or 50-Ohm, DC or AC
DC-offset voltage -3.6V to +3.6V
Input bandwidth 65MHz (typical)
Input filters Bypass, 30MHz, 15MHz
Absolute accuracy ±(250µV+0.05% of range +0.1% of value)
Relative accuracy (INL) ±0.025% of range
SNR (130Msps, 3.2VPP diff.)  66dB @ FIN = 1MHz (BW 0-60MHz)
SNR (130Msps, 3.2VPP diff.) 64dB @ FIN = 10MHz (BW 0-60MHz)
THD (130Msps, 3.2VPP diff.) 78dB @ FIN = 1MHz
THD (130Msps, 3.2VPP diff.) 74dB @ FIN = 10MHz
SFDR (130Msps, 3.2VPP diff.) 80dB @ FIN = 1MHz

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