Applicos: PA72G16400 - 16 Bit / 400 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

PA72G16400 – 16 Bit / 400 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Product Introduction

The PA72G16400 is a 16-bit arbitrary waveform generator, capable of
generating waveforms at speeds up to 400Msps. The high resolution and
the high sample rate allows generating signals with very low quantization
noise levels. An onboard offset voltage source allows generating offset
signals while maintaining optimal utilization of the DAC’s digital range.
With the 8MWord of memory, there is lots of room for uploading several
different patterns, allowing switching patterns with minimal bus

Technical Specifications

Channels 1
Resolution 16-bit
Update rate with PA72 clock 2kHz to 400MHz
Update rate external clock DC to 400MHz
Pattern depth 8M-words
Output ranges Single-Ended 0.32Vp to 2.56Vp in 6 ranges
Output ranges Differential 0.64Vp to 5.12Vp in 6 ranges
DC-offset voltage -2.56 to +2.56V (>14-bit resolution)
Output configuration 50-Ohm, Single-Ended or Differential
Bandwidth DC to 80-140MHz
Output filters Bypass, 60MHz, 30MHz
Absolute accuracy ±(250µV+0.1% of range +0.1% of value)
Relative accuracy ±0.006%
SNR (200Msps, 5Vpp diff.) 69dB @ f-out = 1MHz (BW: 0-80MHz)
SNR (200Msps, 5Vpp diff.) 67dB @ f-out = 10MHz, (BW: 0-80MHz)
THD (200Msps, 5Vpp diff.) 84dB @ f-out = 1MHz
THD (200Msps, 5Vpp diff.) 73dB @ f-out = 10MHz
SFDR (200Msps, 5Vpp diff.) 82dB @ f-out = 1MHz

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