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Power-Boost Three-phase Single-Phase Basic

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Power Boost

3 in One AC POWER SOURCE: Frequency Converter, Voltage Regulator, Voltage Stabilizer
The Power-Boost Series is a value for money cost-effective solution to meet the needs of:

•Frequency conversion
•Voltage regulation
•Voltage Stabilization

The series is suitable especially for high power applications where also the three-phase power is available. Furthermore this AC/AC Power Source permits a high dimension power rate that can supply any load types (resistive, inductive and capacitive) with a perfect sinusoidal output waveform..


•Equipped with half bridge inverter with autotransformer for powers up to 30kVA (optional isolation transformer)
•Equipped with full bridge inverter with isolation transformer in output for 45kVA and 60kVA.
•Equipped with full bridge inverter with autotransformer in input and isolation transformer in output for powers equal and above 80kVA

Phases working mode:
•SS (single-phase input and output)
•TS (three-phase input single-phase output)
•TT (three-phase input and output)

Standard Available Power:
•SS (1.5kVA – 3kVA – 5kVA – 7.5 kVA)
•TS (10kVA – 17.5kVA – 25 kVA)
•TT (9kVA – 15kVA – 21kVA – 30kVA – 45kVA – 60kVA – 80kVA – 100kVA – 150kVA)

•3 Upgrade packages available to fulfill all the possible configurations (Basic, Deluxe, Premium)

•Plate available only for SS devices in Basic Package.
•Rack 19″ 3U available for the SS family, it comes with removable handles so that it can be used as Desk Box as well. Housing powder coated in MCB blue navy colour.
•Rack 19″ 6U only for TS family.
•Mini-Towers available in TS and TT families up to 30kVA Power
•Maxi-Tower available in TT families for powers equal to and above 45kVA

Control Panels:
•LED indicators and just remote control on Plates (only on SS Basic)
•LCD Display 2×16 along with potentiometer on Rack 19″ on SS Basic Package
•Wide LCD Display 4×40 along with command buttons on SS models (on all Deluxe and Premium packages) as well as all the Towers and Maxi Towers (in all packages).
•2 x LED strings along with command buttons on the rack 19″ 6U (only TS models).
•7″ Touchscreen LCD along with encoder (optional only on the Premium package)

Communication Interfaces (Remote Control):
•Physical Interfaces: RS-232, Ethernet, 12 poles I/O
•Communication protocols: SCPI (over RS-232 and Ethernet), proprietary ASCII with optional SCPI adapter (only on Rack 19″ TS models).
•LabView Drivers


•Voltage Regulation (2-150 Vac and 4-300 Vac)
•Sensing Function
•Frequency regulation (40-80Hz)
•Current regulation
•Setup of the max Current value
•Available 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz quartz output frequencies
•CosΦ and Frequency values visualization
•Phases Offset Modulation in TT models (0°, 120°, 180°)
•0° – Three-Phases synchronization to attain a Single-Phase output (TS working mode)
•120° – European Three-Phase working mode
•180° – American Two-Phase working mode


•Custom Powers up to 240kVA parallelizing and synchronizing more units
•Different Voltage input range
•Higher Voltage output range (up to 700Vac)
•Fixed Voltage output value
•Different frequency input range
•Broader Frequency output range (up to 400Hz)
•Adaption to Current Generator
•Adaption to ST working mode (input Single-Phase, output Three-Phase)


The Power-Boost can cover a broad array of applications such as household appliances, automotive test benches, electric motors, automated production lines, electronics, medical equipment, lighting, maritime, aviation, power grid, industry and many more.

To sum up, this is a multi functions Power Electronics device: Frequency Converter, Voltage Regulator, Voltage Stabilizer and Current Regulator.

This Power Supply can be customized based on your specifications, starting from the following options (which are based on input/output phases, available power, control panels etc.)

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