GW Instek: Programmable AC/DC Power source, 4000VA

Programmable AC/DC Power Source

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ASR-3000 Series Programmable AC/DC Power Source

ASR-3400HF ~4kVA~40A / 20A~400Vrms / ±570 Vdc

The ASR-3000 series is an AC+DC power source, featuring high-speed DC voltage rising and falling time (≦100us).

ASR-3000 is ideal for the development of On-board Chargers, Server Powers, LED modules, AC Motors, AC Fans, UPS, and various electronic components, as well as for testing applications of automotive electrical equipment and home appliances.

There are four models of the series:
1. ASR-3200(2kVA)
2. ASR-3300(3kVA)
3. ASR-3400(4kVA)
4. ASR-3400HF(4kVA, Frequency upto 5kHz)

The series can provide rated power output during AC output and DC output. Ten ASR-3000 output modes are available.
•AC power output mode (AC-INT Mode)
•DC power output mode (DC-INT Mode)
•AC/DC power output mode (AC+DC-INT Mode)
•External AC signal source mode (AC-EXT Mode)
•External AC/DC signal source mode (AC+DC-EXT Mode)
•External AC signal superimposition mode (AC-ADD Mode)
•External AC/DC signal superimposition mode (AC+DC-ADD Mode)
•External AC signal synchronization mode (AC-SYNC Mode)
•External AC/DC signal synchronization mode (AC+DC-SYNC Mode)
•External DC voltage control of AC output mode (AC-VCA)

Standard Accessories
•CD (User Manual/ Programming Manual)
•Safety Guide
•Input Terminal Cover
•Output Terminal Cover Include Remote Sensing
•GRA-442-E Rack Mount Adapter(EIA)
•GTL-246 USB Cable

Optional Accessories (factory installed)
•European Output Outlet

Optional Accessories
•GPW-005 -Power Cord, 3m, 105℃, UL/CSA Type
•GPW-006 – Power Cord, 3m, 105℃, VDE Type
•GPW-007 – Power Cord, 3m, 105℃, PSE Type
•GRA-442-J – Rack Mount Adapter(JIS)
•GTL-137 – Output Power Wire(Load wire_10AWG: 50A, 600V/ Sense wire_16AWG: 20A, 600V)
•GTL-232 – RS232C cable, approx. 2m
•GTL-248 – GPIB Cable, approx. 2m
•ASR-002* – External Three Phase Control Unit
•APS-008 – Air inlet filter

* Basis Requirement of ASR-002 to ASR-Series
1. Must be the three same models of ASR-Series
2. To ASR-2000 Series, the Opt01: RS-232+GPIB interface is required.

* Functions of ASR-Series are limited when conducts to ASR-002
1. No DC Output
2. Measurement Items: only current(A), power(W), and PF for each phase
3. No Voltage and Current Harmonic Analysis
4. No Remote Sensing Capability
5. No Arbitrary Waveform Function
6. No Sequence and Simulation Function
7 Not supported External Control I/O
8. No memory Function
9. Only support USB, no LAN port for communication

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