GW Instek: Programmable DC Power Supply | 126 W


Programmable DC laboratory power supply | DC source, Linear, 2x 0 – 36 V / 0 – 1.5 A, 0 – 6 V / 0 – 3 A, 126 W, GPIB, 3 channel


PPT-Series Multiple Output Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply

PPT-3615 126W, 3-Channel, Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply


• Easy operation with UP/DOWN key
• High Resolution: 10mV, 1mA
• Over voltage protection, over current protection by hardware
• 50 Sets memory
• Self test and software calibration
• Meets UL CSA IEC Safety Regulation
• Auto Step Running With Timer Setting
• FRONT/REAR Output and Sense Switch Selectable
• Triple Output
• Auto Series and Parallel Operation
• Auto Tracking
• IEEE-488.2 and SCPI Compatible Command set
• Labview Driver Software Available
• High Stability, Low Drift
• 4 Digit Display


The PPT-Series is 3-channel, programmable linear DC power supply with 138W or 126W outputs.
The PPT-Series features OVP and OCP and is compliant with all major safety standards(UL, CSA, and IEC) for safe, reliable operation.
For extra precision, the PPT series includes remote sensing that adds an extra level of precision by compensating cable losses between loads.
The digital interface and smart features simplify operation and configuration with output limit store/recall functions, automatic tracking, automatic serial or parallel operation, and auto stepping for continuous testing.
The series has Labview driver and SCPI commands as standard for remote control and PC interfacing via GPIB. The versatile PPT-Series is ideal for high-level applications requiring high resolution, multiple outputs, and an extra level of safety.


User Manual X 1, Power Cord X 1, Test Lead GTL-104A*3

Optional Accessories
GRA-401 Rack Adapter Panel, 19″ 4U
GTL-204A European test lead x 3

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