GW Instek: Programmable DC Power Supply | 400 W


Programmable DC laboratory power supply | DC source, Multi-Range, 0 – 160 V / 0 – 10 A, 400 W, USB, LAN, 5.2 kg, 1 channel


PSB-1000 Series Programmable Multi-Range DC Power Supplies

PSB-1400M (160V / 10A / 400W) Programmable Multi-Range DC Power Supply


• LCD display and menu-typed functionality selection
• Support front panel output terminals (Max.30A) and rear panel output terminals (Rating current output)
• Bleeder circuit control
• I/V Control function
• Sequence function
• Power on Configuration
• Internal Sense Control( Disable/ front panel/ rear panel)
• Voltage trigger function
• Output delay function
• OCP Control function
• Interface: USB Host, LAN, option: GPIB (PSB-105)


GW Instek debuts the PSB-1000 series, which is a single output channel, programmable and multi-range DC power supply. The series comprises 400W models: PSB-1400L(40V/40A); PSB-1400M(160V/10A), and 800W models: PSB-1800L(40V/80A); PSB-1800M(160V/20A). The maximum voltage output of 320V can be realized by placing 160V units in series connection. By connecting PSB-1800Lunits in parallel, the maximum current output of320Acan be achieved. The PSB-1000 series is a bench-top power supply featuring user friendly interface, which can clearly display setting conditions and measurement results via LCD display and menu-typed functionality selection without referring to the user manual. All settings can be done by functionality keys, numerical keys, and speed dial keys. The30Aoutput capability from the front terminal of the PSB-1000 series can better meet the requirements of laboratories and scientific R&D units.
More details, please follow PSB-1000 Series brochure


User manual
Programming manual
Power cord
Output terminal cover
Type A-B USB cable
Analog connector plug set
Chassis connection wire

Optional Accessories
PSW-001, Analog remote control connector kit
PSW-002, Simple IDC tool
PSW-003, Contact removal tool
PSB-101, Cable for 2 units of PSB-1000 units in parallel mode connection
PSB-102, Cable for 3 units of PSB-1000 units in parallel mode connection
PSB-103, Cable for 4 units of PSB-1000 units in parallel mode connection
PSB-104, Cable for 2 units of PSB-1000 units in series mode connection
PSB-105, GPIB card
PSB-106, PSB-106 basic accessory kit
GRA-418-J, Rack-mount adapter(JIS)
GRA-418-E, Rack-mount adapter(EIA)
GTL-123, Test leads: 1x red, 1x black

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