Saluki Technology: S1131 RF Signal Generator

S1131 RF Signal Generator

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S1131 RF Signal Generator


S1131 RF signal generator provides engineers with a “Smaller, lighter and easier” solution for 3GHz signal-generation applications. While it is an entry level instrument, the S1131 provides most commonly used functions an engineer needs such as CW signal generation, AM/FM/PM/Pulse modulation, digital modulation (ASK, FSK, PSK), Up-converting, LF output etc. S1131 also provides flexible interfaces and support SCPI for easy remote control. S1131 is perfect suitable for education, RF component manufacture and maintenance.

Key Features

•Frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz
•Typical output power from -120dBm to +10dBm
•Multi sweep mode, Step sweep, list sweep, frequency sweep and power sweep
•Standard low frequency output function, sine, square, triangle and saw tooth wave forms are supported
•Standard analog modulation functions, AM, FM, PM and Pulse modulation, minimum pulse width is 100ns
•Standard digital modulation functions, ASK, 2/4/8FSK, 2/4/8PSK supported
•Support linear frequency modulation, can simulate radar signals
•Standard IF input output, USB/LAN remote control interface, SCPI supported


S1131-01 Internal Baseband Data Generation Option
S1131-02 RF Upconversion Device
S1131-03 Analog External Audio Modulation
S1131-04 High Stability Time Base Option
S1131-05 Power Meter Control Kit
S1131-06 Directional Antenna / Frequency range 600MHz – 8GHz
S1131-07 Omnidirectional Antenna / Frequency range 300MHz – 7.5GHz

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