Saluki Technology: S1134 Multi-Channel Signal Generator

S1134 Series Multi-Channel Signal Generator

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Saluki S1134 Series Multi-channel Signal Generator


Saluki S1134 series multi-channel signal generator is a phase-coherent and low phase noise signal generator with 2-8 channels. Each channel can be independently fully adjusted.

S1134 series can cover frequency range from 10MHz to 40GHz with frequency resolution as low as 0.01 Hz. The instrument comes in a standard 2U/3U rack-mount form and offers LAN control interface, which allows easy and fast communication. Remote control of the instrument can be quickly attained from any host system. Application programming interface (API) or programming examples make the control implementation very easy.

Applications: R&D Low-noise Microwave Generator / Local Oscillator Replacement / Component Test / Receiver Sensitivity Test

Key Features

•Frequency range: 10MHz to 20GHz / 40GHz
•2-8 RF output channels which can operate individually
•The output frequency of each channel can be configured flexibly
•Maximum output power: ≥ +15dBm
•Phase noise: <-116dBc/Hz (10GHz, 10kHz offset) •Phase coherent among every channel •Channel to channel relative phase drift (10GHz, 24h) ≤±1° •Narrow pulse modulation, minimum pulse width 50ns •Fast frequency switching time <10us


Main Machine

S1134D Multi-Channel Signal Generator 2-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz
S1134T Multi-Channel Signal Generator 3-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz
S1134Q Multi-Channel Signal Generator 4-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz
S1134F Multi-Channel Signal Generator 5-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz
S1134S Multi-Channel Signal Generator 6-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz
S1134H Multi-Channel Signal Generator 7-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz
S1134D Multi-Channel Signal Generator 8-channel output, frequency range: 10MHz-20GHz/40GHz

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