Saluki Technology: S2438 Series Microwave Power Meter

S2438 Series Microwave Power Meter

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S2438 Series Microwave Power Meter


S2438 series microwave power meter is composed of a host of microwave power meter and a series of microwave power sensors. New technologies such as broadband diode detection technology, digital signal processing technology and multi-dimensional calibration compensation technology are used in the design, making the instrument have a wide frequency band, large dynamic power range, high precision, fast measurement and analysis, serialization of sensors, and ease of use are all used to measure and measure the average power, peak power and pulse envelope power of microwave signals. It is an important measurement instrument for the research, production, acceptance and maintenance of radar, electronic countermeasures, and communications.

Key Features

•Wide frequency range, frequency range from 9kHz to 500GHz, single/dual channels
•A variety of sensor options: continuous wave power sensors, peak power sensors, millimeter wave power sensors
•More than ten kinds of microwave millimeter wave pulse modulation signal amplitude and time domain parameter measurement analysis functio
•The series of peak power sensors uses internal calibration technology that allows calibration without leaving the DUT and zero calibration without disconnecting the signal input
•Flexible and open frequency offset list setting, matched with high power attenuator or high power directional coupler to achieve accurate testing of signal power
•4.3 color LCD display, Chinese/English graphical user interface, user-friendly
•With GPIB, LAN, USB program control function, easy to build test system

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