Saluki Technology: S3331 Series Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

S3331 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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Saluki S3331 series handheld spectrum analyzer provides advance features and functions of benchtop analyzers. S3331 series has functions like spectrum analysis, interference analysis, ACPR, OBW, Channel power, AM/FM, limit line etc. S3331 series spectrum analyzer has very competitive price and is a low cost solution for 7.5GHz field spectrum measurement

Saluki S3331 series handheld spectrum analyzer is designed for field use. It has a low weight, rubber protection, compact structure and a good performance. S3331 series can be operated in field for 4 hours with battery power supply. It also provides telecommunication ports such as USB and LAN for remote data collection and remote control.
S3331 series has 2 modules to choose.

• 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz

• 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz

Equipped 6.5-inch high brightness LCD screen, physical keys and robust design, S3331 series is suitable for field use.
S3331 series has standard built-in tracking source 1.5GHz or 3.2GHz for different module. And it also provides a variety of optional accessories, including directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna, near field probe kit, SWR bridge, USB power sensor etc.

Technical specifications

• Frequency range: cover from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz
• Low displayed average noise level: best DANL < -161dBm (typical) • Good phase noise performance: (500MHz carrier) -100dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset (S3331A), -90dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset (S3331B) • Standard tracking source: frequency range from 100kHz to 1.5GHz/ 3.2GHz, output power from -30dBm to 0dBm • Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz – 500kHz (1-10 steps), 1MHz, 3MHz

Key Features

•Frequency range from 9kHz to 3.6GHz/ 7.5GHz
•High sensitive, best DANL <-160 dBm •Standard 1.5GHz/ 3.2GHz tracking source •Standard pre-amplifier, spectrogram, OBW, ACPR etc. •4h battery life, 6.5 inch large screen, portable size for using


S3331-01 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery /Backup
S3331-02 Portable Soft Package
S3331-03 Field Strength Measurement
S3331-04 Directional Antenna /Frequency range: 600MHz – 8GHz
S3331-05 Omnidirectional Antenna /Frequency range: 300MHz – 7.5GHz
S3331-06 Near Field Probe Kit
S3331-07 SWR Bridge / Frequency range: 10MHz – 3.6GHz
S3331-08 USB Power Sensor /Frequency range: 10MHz – 6GHz

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