Saluki Technology: S4382 Series Microwave Frequency Counter

S4382 Series Microwave Frequency Counter

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S4382 Series Microwave Frequency Counter


Saluki S4382 series microwave frequency counter adopts microwave sampling technology to realize microwave measurement. The function control, measurement sequence and data processing of the whole measurement process are completed by the internal microprocessor. It is a new generation of intelligent microwave frequency measurement instrument. The instrument adopts medium and large scale integrated circuits and some monolithic integrated circuits with excellent performance, which makes the design of the instrument more reasonable, with low power consumption and high reliability.

S4382 series frequency counter meets the requirements of microwave frequency measurement in the fields of national defense, scientific research, and electronic product production.

Key Features

•Measure frequency up to 40GHz
•Wide measure range and dynamic range
•High accuracy and high performance
•1Hz-10kHz resolution, optional 9 digits/second
•Advanced design, compact and reliability
•MTBF greater than 8000h
•Multiple measurement functions: average, scale, offset, relative, limit
•Automatic and manual frequency, period measurement
•3.5 QVGA color LCD screen and soft button operation
•Standard RS232 interface, optional USB and IEEE448 programmable interface
•Mini size and low weight, flexible and easy to use

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