Saluki Technology: SAM532 Series Spectrum Analyzer Module

SAM532 Series Spectrum Analyzer Module

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SAM532 Series Spectrum Analyzer Module


Saluki SAM532 series spectrum analyzer module is the perfect choice for system integration with excellent performance, small size and high cost performance. Users can connect it with a PC to display the test screen, just click the mouse on the PC to enjoy the convenience and speed of the desktop spectrum analyzer. It can also be integrated into your system to develop related functions of spectrum analysis. The modular design of SAM532 will bring great convenience to user testing and save costs at the same time. The PC host computer directly obtains the measurement results through the USB or LAN interface. Users can flexibly carry out secondary development according to their needs, and can quickly build and upgrade the integrated test system.

Key Features

•Frequency range: 9kHz – 3.6GHz / 7.5GHz
•Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz -3MHz
•Sensitive, DANL < -158dBm •Built-in tracking source, preamplifier, audio demodulation and frequency counting functions •Independent source modules provide wider choices for system integration •Adopt USB, LAN interface, easy to control connection •Standard and complete SCPI commands make system integration testing flexible and convenient •Small size, ultra-light weight, easy system integration


SAM532-01 1.5GHz Tracking Source / Frequency range: 100kHz – 1.5GHz, for SAM532A
SAM532-02 3.6GHz Tracking Source / Frequency range: 100kHz – 3.6GHz, for SAM532A
SAM532-03 3.2GHz Tracking Source / Frequency range: 100kHz – 3.2GHz, for SAM532B
SAM532-04 Directional Antenna / Frequency range: 600MHz – 8GHz
SAM532-05 Omnidirectional Antenna / Frequency range: 300MHz – 7.5GHz
SAM532-06 Standard Housing / Spectrum analyzer module housing

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