Saluki Technology: SAM533 Series Spectrum Analyzer module

SAM533 Series Spectrum Analyzer Module

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SAM533 Series Spectrum Analyzer Module


Saluki SAM533 series spectrum analyzer module is a wide-band, high-performance spectrum analyzer. The frequency measurement range covers up to 18GHz. The main technical indicators are comparable to the desktop spectrum analyzer. The integrated design of highly integrated RF front-end and digital processing enables it to have ultra-small size and independent signal processing capabilities, especially suitable for microwave test system integration and signal monitoring sensor applications. The product adopts fully digital IF processing technology to ensure higher measurement accuracy and excellent repeatability, and has independent signal processing capability, which is especially suitable for system integration and signal monitoring applications. The maximum real-time bandwidth of 40MHz meets the test of common radio signals such as mobile communication, TV and WiFi, and the 145MHz analog IF output provides users with a variety of test options.

The PC host computer directly obtains the measurement results through the USB or LAN interface. Users can flexibly carry out secondary development according to their needs, and can quickly build and upgrade the integrated test system. SAM533 series spectrum analyzer module can be widely used in aerospace, microwave communication, satellite navigation, radar detection, electronic detection and countermeasures, precision guidance and other fields.

Key Features

•Frequency range: 5kHz – 8GHz / 9kHz – 18GHz
•Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz -5MHz
•Sensitive, DANL < -160dBm •Maximum real-time bandwidth: 40MHz •145MHz analog IF output •Independent source modules provide wider choices for system integration •Adopt USB, LAN interface, easy to control connection •Standard and complete SCPI commands make system integration testing flexible and convenient •Small size, ultra-light weight, easy system integration


SAM533-01 10MHz High-stability Time-base
SAM533-02 Standard Housing / Spectrum analyzer module housing

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