Saluki Technology: SAV20403 Electronic Calibration Module

SAV20403 E-cal kit

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SAV20403 Electronic Calibration Module


SAV20403 E-cal kit covers a wide frequency range from 10MHz to 26.5GHz, and provide good calibration performance. It can achieve more precise and accurate measurements with this 2-port module for 3.5mm connectors. SAV20403 enjoys the benefit of easy-to-use, quick calibration and good performance. It is compatible with Saluki VNAs as well as Keysight ENA and PNA series VNA.

Compared to the mechanical calibration kits, the electronic calibration kits have the advantages of convenient connection, fast calibration speed, low artificial error, low loss, comparable precision and male and female connector.

Key Features

•Wide frequency range from 10MHz to 26.5GHz
•Standard F/M connector, optional FF / MM connector
•Powered up and communicate via USB port
•Precision 2-port microwave ECal module with high accuracy
•Compatible with Saluki VNAs and Keysight ENA & PNA series VNAs


20403-001 3.5mm KK adaptor
20403-002 3.5mm JJ adaptor
20403-003 SMA connector torque wrench / To fix the connection
20403-004 8GB U disk / To store the drive and software kit

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