Charity & Sponsorship

Combined Test Solutions had the pleasure of welcoming International Needs UK and Pastor Joshua, CEO of the Grace Empowerment organization to find out more about their latest project in Nairobi, Kenya. The charity has been supporting their partners since 2006. Hundreds of Nairobian street youth are empowered and rehabilitated, because of Pastor Joshua’s incredible work. Unfortunately, there are…

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Häewa: The Perfect Solution for Bespoke Frames and Enclosures 

Häewa: The Perfect Solution for Bespoke Frames and Enclosures Häewa’s X-frame structures are open, accessible, and easy to adjust, making them the perfect solution for unique, one-off machines. CTS is proud to be working with Häewa, a leading manufacturer of bespoke frames and enclosures. Häewa’s X-frame structures are made from pre-formed steel framing components, which…

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Battery Tech Expo 2023, Silverstone, UK

Combined Test Solution at the Tech Expo 2023, Silverstone Combined Test Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce its attendance at the upcoming Battery Tech Expo 2023, set to take place on April 20th at The Wing, Silverstone, UK. As one of the leading providers of battery testing equipment and solutions, Combined Test Solutions Ltd is…

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HV Measuring Adapter for Electric-Vehicles

HV Adapter for Electric Vehicles HV Measuring Adapter Electric vehicles (EVs) use high-voltage components that pose a safety risk to personnel. The HV adapter was developed to enable safe and reliable maintenance and safety-relevant tests on high-voltage systems.  We offer standard and custom adapter cable sets for easy mating and a low-resistance connection. Gold-sprung test…

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Engine Harness Project – An Engineers Perspective

Introduction: My name is Neil Scotford, and I joined Combined Test Solutions in January of 2022, fresh from my previous post as an R&D Engineer for a Test Equipment Manufacturer. I come from a background of Telecommunications, Audio-visual, and Security-System Design & Service.   Joining CTS was a great move as they had something different…

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PAT Testing machine

Rugged PAT Testing Solutions for the Events Sector

Combined Test Solutions in conjunction with Distro Design Ltd provide rugged cable testing systems for the Entertainment and Events industry. We replace conventional PAT testing systems by using the advanced capabilities of the EasyTouch PRO system from Cirris. We can provide a completely custom system for you based on your application and required connectors. Distro Design have…

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Welcome to The All New GW-Instek GSM-20H10 Precision Source Meter

DMM’s and power supplies are common instruments on our lab benches. When we need to analyse the characteristics of materials or electronic components, we can achieve characteristic curve analysis by connecting a DMM and a power supply. Complicated wiring and settings often cause trouble for users, so we have a better choice that is called…

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Introducing MCB Electronics

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Combined Test Solutions and MCB Electronics. MCB Electronics are a well established Italian based company that specialize in customized AC and DC power supplies. As well as a full tailor- made approach, they also offer a highly competitive value-for-money broad product range which includes: o   AC/AC…

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Low voltage testing

Guidelines for Low Voltage Tests

This article looks at the various test situations you may encounter and gives our recommendations for the appropriate low voltage testing. Test Situation Recommendation No testing This is justified when testing does not find sufficient defects to justify the additional cost in testing. This assumes the process of manufacturing assemblies can be expected to stay…

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Cirris CH2 tester

AC Hipot Testing

Hipot testing involves using a high potential (voltage) to test insulation. A hipot test can be very useful in helping you develop a process that builds high quality cables and wire harnesses. There are two popular hipot voltage sources: DC and AC. This article introduces some of the concepts you’ll find in AC hipot testing.…

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shielded cable assembly

Testing Shielded Cable Assemblies

Why do cables have shields? To prevent signals in cables from radiating and causing interference. To prevent outside signals from affecting signals inside the cable. To maintain controlled impedance so that fast-changing signals can travel long distances without electrical “echos.” Testing Recommendations Shielded cable assemblies have an increased chance of defects in the manufacturing process.…

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CTS donates to RUSH Academy

Update on RUSH

As we first posted about in August, CTS are making a global difference with International Needs; by supporting RUSH Academy, a school for poor and vulnerable children in Western Kenya. CTS are providing education as a route out of poverty. Through our ongoing monthly support, RUSH Academy are able to pay for a teacher, 40…

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Metal whiskers

Metal Whiskers; how to avoid them

Metal Whiskers can cause severe damage to electronic and electrical devices and leave complete systems useless. They have been known to create failures in nuclear reactors, pacemakers, missiles and satellites and they may be threatening your devices. What are these tiny things that can cause so much destruction? Metal whiskers are tiny hair-like growths that…

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Alarm boxes

What is the Test Process?

Many companies have an established process that they follow to ensure that all cables are tested correctly. Some parts of the test process are vital for safety reasons. How many of these things do you include in your test process? 1. Guided Assembly Instead of testing after the cable is finished, some test systems allow…

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Counterfeit cables

Counterfeit Cables

Substandard and counterfeit cables, labelled with fake official standards and accreditations, is a growing problem in the UK. What are Counterfeit Cables? Manufacturers are purchasing wires and components they believe are legitimate only to realise later that the materials do not meet industry requirements. Sometimes the counterfeit parts have been passed off under a respected…

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how to back up your tester

Testing Tips – Backing Up Your Tester

With technology being so prevalent in our world today, there are very few people who haven’t lost data in some form or another. Whether dropping your phone in the toilet or losing information when a computer crashes, everyone has experienced the heartbreak of losing digital files. This article is your friendly reminder about backing up…

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Practical resistance specs

Practical resistance specifications

The IPC\WHMA-A-620 Rev A standard states that in the absence of agreement on test requirements between manufacturer and user the continuity spec for class 3 assemblies should be 2 ohms, or 1 ohm plus the actual resistance. We agree that this is a reasonable method for determining continuity test specs. However, when more stringent continuity…

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tilt stands for ergonomic cable testing

Ergonomics and Cable Testing

Safety in the workplace means more than just identifying and eliminating hazards. Maintaining good employee health is important to company morale and production. Ergonomics are an important element of this. An employee bent over testing cables for hours or leaning across a table to thread a wire through a harness could experience chronic pain not…

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Moving the testing process upstream

Moving Tests Upstream

By adding automated testing earlier throughout the build process, cable and harness manufacturers can find errors sooner; this saves time, money, and provides a competitive advantage. Rising expectations in the cable/harness industry demand that manufacturers build more complex assemblies in less time. Accomplishing this feat means manufacturers must re-evaluate their processes. How can shops produce…

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Resistance test graph

Testing Tips – Correct Resistance Settings

Do you know the correct resistance settings when building a new test program? While the default settings may work in most situations, you may find tests failing because of a wrong setting—not because of a bad cable. One of the most common settings in a situation like this is the resistance setting. The resistance values…

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tester calibration

Can you calibrate your own tester?

To get accurate results, your automated testing equipment must be calibrated. An uncalibrated machine can skew results and damage your company. With this in mind, how do you know if your tester is calibrated correctly? Start by purchasing a Cirris Performance Check Kit from Combined Test Solutions. This kit will tell you if your tester…

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Cirris Easy touch HiPot tester

IEE Code of Practice & Cirris HiPot Testers

IEE Code of Practice Plain extension cables above 25 metres fall outside the scope of the IEE’s code of practice which is one reason why many Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) testers do not cater for long cables. The Code requires that the earth bond wire is within 0.1 ohm of its theoretical value and that it…

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hipot testing

Testing Cables with High Voltage

Many people are familiar with a continuity test. A continuity test checks for “good connections,” meaning current will flow from one point to its destination point. If current flows easily enough then the points are connected. Many people are less familiar with a hipot test or testing cables with High Voltage. “Hipot” is short for…

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Cirris 4200 series cable testers

Introducing the new Cirris 4200 Series cable harness testers

The all-new Cirris 4200 Series continues the Cirris legacy of easy-to-use cable testers. Updated technology, a new software interface, and innovative features make the 4200 Series a capable tester in the benchtop cable testing market. These cable testers can be readily integrated into your test process.  Available in two configurations, the high voltage 4250 cable…

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new cable testing demo room

New Cable Test Demonstration & Training Room

Combined Test Solutions has recently opened the doors to its new Cable Test Demonstration & Training Room. Stocked with equipment for live demonstrations, the demo room will also aid in the continuous training of our engineers and customers on the latest cable testing technology & how to improve efficiency and reduce errors. The new demo…

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Smart Lights

Do You Use Smart-Lights™?

One of the most useful tools for quick test setup is Cirris Smart-Lights ™. About as small as your thumb,  Smart-Lights™ can store information for fixturing cables, show error location, and save you time and money. Fixturing cables can become a hassle. Their job is to connect the device-under-test (DUT) to the tester. Each fixturing…

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testing for intermittent faults

Testing for intermittent faults in high value Wiring Harnesses

If a wired assembly has been “tested” does it mean that it is definitely good? What about that bugbear of electrical assemblies – The matter of intermittent faults manifesting in electrical cable assemblies and wire harnesses? Like most electronic assemblies, cable and wire harnesses are subject to manufacturing defects and it is standard procedure to…

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guided harness assembly with zero defects for the aviation industry

Cirris High Voltage Test System, utilising Easy Wire” software enables Zero Defect Guided Harness Assembly

Combined Test Solutions has successfully completed a program with a major aircraft manufacturer to enable guided harness assembly integrated with real-time testing in their aircraft harness building operation. The D.U.T “Device under Test”- an aircraft control stick harness, comprised three connectors and approximately 100 wires.  Average start-to-finish assembly and final-test time for this harness was…

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rail wire harness test

Automatic high voltage testers for rail wire harness test

Many of the world’s leading manufacturers of railway transportation and railcars use cable testers and high voltage testers from Combined Test Solutions for rail wire harness test applications and validate their wiring interconnect and cab module systems. Old test methods are being reviewed due to increased usage and predicted future service density now demands a…

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Christie Lites customised test system

CTS Installs New Test System at Christie Lites UK

Combined Test Solutions, leading UK provider of cable harness test equipment, high voltage test equipment and functional test equipment has supplied a customised electrical cable test solution to Christie Lites, one of the world’s foremost theatre and stage lighting companies. Legislation requires that all cables must be tested regularly to ensure equipment and operator safety.…

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Cirris testers

Why choose Cirris and Combined Test Solutions?

Cirris Solutions, are essentially the UK arm of Cirris Systems Corp. in the USA and are renowned as the leading UK providers of cable and harness test solutions. Our recent name change to Combined Test Solutions changes nothing when it comes to providing excellence in cable testing. We are still the ONLY OFFICIAL distributor of…

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Outsourced testing

Outsource Your Testing!

Combined Test Solutions Ltd (CTS) new Sub-contract Test Facility June 2017 Whatever the reason a cable or harness is being tested, be it for correct assembly, wiring, insulation or dielectric withstand, an additional array of skills are required to ensure the test objectives are satisfied. Designing a test as well as the test equipment is…

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Combined Test Solutions

Cirris UK Joins Forces with Adaptronic & ATE Solutions to Deliver Unique One Stop Shop for ‘Best in Test’ Solutions

Cirris Solutions, leading UK provider of cable harness testing solutions has announced a change of company name after joining forces with two other major test players to deliver the full spectrum of test equipment to UK customers. The alliance combines high voltage testing from Germany based Adaptronic and functional test from ATE Solutions Ltd, based…

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electrical testing

Hungry For Success

Electrical testing is as essential to cable and wire harness assembly as eating is to staying alive. If you don’t eat you’ll die, and if a company doesn’t check the quality of electrical assemblies it won’t last long either. Just like different people have different diets, how do you know which test method works best…

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High voltage testing

High Voltage or Low Voltage? Which Tester Should You Buy?

Whether you are new to automated testing or looking to upgrade your test process, buying the right tester is one of the important decisions you must make. If you’ve started looking at cable testers, you may notice two distinct categories: low voltage and high voltage. The following information may help you decide whether low voltage…

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Safety first - high voltage testing sign

How to Stay Safe while Testing

Safety while testing is the top priority for cable and harness manufacturers. Practices are put in place to protect workers from all sorts of hazards. Whether being injured from improper use of tools or materials to being safe around electricity, cable and harness producers want to make sure no one is hurt in any way.…

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Cable testing

Why Cable Testing Feels Like Such a Chore & What to do About it

You build a cable, following each instruction exactly. The result is a masterpiece of wires, components, and connectors. You can’t wait to ship the cable off where it will be used to launch a satellite or power medical equipment. Before that can happen though, you must perform cable testing and your cable must pass a…

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Real cost of inadequate testing

The Real Cost of Inadequate Testing

In determining best practise and defining the proper test process, one generally considers the trade-off between cost and quality. The initial purchase price, (often the ongoing support costs are neglected), of test equipment is one of the primary factors considered in determining the cost of a test system, but what is often neglected is an…

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Fixturing and adapters

Testing in Autosport Engineering

Cirris, located in England, Germany and America, has gained an enviable reputation for producing high quality cable/harness and automotive test equipment, and supporting it well. As a successful company (over 10,000 customers world-wide, and over 45,000 installed testers), Cirris supplies stand alone as well as turnkey test solutions. The Formula 1 and motor racing industry,…

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Combined Test Solutions new website

Newly launched! Cirris Solutions Website

Cirris Solutions launch new website and invites you to take a look.  The new Cirris Solutions website has been designed to give an in-depth insight into our cable testers, harness testers and our custom test solutions including interfaces. Created with the user experience firmly in mind, the site uses the latest technology so it’s compatible with today’s browsers…

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