Combined Test Solutions Service Contracts

Minimise downtime and maximise throughput!

The risk of lost production due to tester downtime drops considerably with a CTS service support contract.


What does a Cirris service contract offer?

We provide you with two strategies to minimise downtime and maximise value. Firstly, the contract provides for an annual call out, at your convenience, usually to check and calibrate the test system. It is a proven fact that preventative maintenance keeps the test systems running to specification longer and means that potential problems are spotted before they become an issue. However, this day can be exchanged for a training day or an emergency on-site repair day – at your will.

What is covered by the service contract?

Repair, maintenance and support, both hardware and software, as well as calibration of the range of Cirris and Adaptronic testers, right up to their primary interface, is included. In fact, we will always provide sound advice on fixturing as part of the service and this in many cases is of significant value to the test department under pressure for fast solutions!  All causes of failure, other than misuse and damage arising from external sources are covered. In such cases, a supplementary charge would be made to cover costs.

However, the fact is that as products grow more sophisticated, their complexity rises and so the need for more complex and capable test systems rises.  Nowadays, the dependency on the test system to deliver on the hour, every hour is greater than ever before.

If problems do occur, you know it’s bound to be at the month end, when pressure is highest.  It’s then that the service contract really pays off.  Plus, having the ability to forward schedule the timing of the test systems calibration and having it done onsite means that you are in control.

Many customers have found that although the Cirris and Adaptronic test systems are unlikely to need repairs, ISO 9000 quality and damage arising from external sources are covered.  In such cases a supplementary charge would be made to cover costs.

What will the service contract provide that “ad-hoc” repair will not?

One of the great benefits of a service contract from CTS is the reduction of the risk to loss of production caused by tester downtime and your product not getting shipped right first time. Full spare parts back up and a fast response time allows us to support you quickly and efficiently.

The contract in effect extends the 12-month warranty to provide repair and calibration as well as maintenance. Secondly, you as a support contract holder, get priority on spares and on technician’s time, at any time of the day. When the UK work day is over, (8.30am to 5.30pm), the USA based support team carries on into the night for Cirris test equipment. This means that you get priority support right through into the night. It doesn’t stop there – with the use of Citrix software we are able to take control of your tester remotely in order to rapidly diagnose the problem. Again, saving you time and money.

The CTS reputation

CTS (formally Cirris since 1990) has an enviable reputation for providing test systems with high reliability, high MTBF’s, [mean time between failures], and supporting them well!  Many of the procedures stipulate an annual calibration to traceable standards and this is part of the provision of a CTS service contract. Contracted customers will get fast responses and priority over “ad-hoc” arrangements and they benefit from the knowledge that an extensive reservoir of expertise and resource is just a phone call away.  Also, the annual cost is excellent value to enable the tester to perform to its best and always be in calibration.

When to purchase a service contract?

Many customers decide whether they need a service contract after owning the test system for some time—usually just about when the 1-year warranty is due to expire. We can work with you on timing and find a start date that best suits you.

What other costs will you have?

Service contracts, like insurance policies, have limits to their coverage. The cost is calculated to cover ordinary use with no extraordinary damage.  However bad things can happen, e.g. floods, fire, lightning strikes and drops onto hard surfaces.

The CTS service support contract will cover all the ordinary management of such situations, but supplementary charges would be made to cover the cost of components.

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