APM Technologies: SP-300 Series Programmable AC Power Source - 600W - 150/300VAC - 5.6/2.8A

Programmable AC Power Source – 600W – 150/300VAC – 5.6/2.8A

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The high performance AC power supply SP300VAC600W
This is a high-precision, programmable AC power source with switching mode and single-channel output. It uses high-speed DSP + CPLD control, high-frequency PWM power technology and active PFC design to provide a stable AC / DC output.
It is characterised by its high power density, high reliability and high precision. Iit has a manual user interface with touchscreen and buttons. It is capable of normal or abnormal analogue output signals for electrical equipment to meet test requirements. One source can replace several rectangular sources in the application. It could output several voltage and current combinations via the panel and monitoring software. It is suitable in many applications.
Features of the SP300VAC600W AC power source
• Large colour touch screen, full-featured and easy to use
• AC + DC mixed or independent output mode for voltage DC offset simulation
• Output tilt / phase angle adjustable, 0 ~ 359.9 °
• Output frequency 15 ~ 1200Hz, with which the output slope of voltage and frequency can be adjusted
• A high output crest factor could meet the requirements of surge testing
• Built-in power meter that can measure 15 electrical parameters and 40 harmonics
• Support for LIST / PULSE / STEP mode, easy time setting and circulation setting, which is suitable for checking the network disturbance simulation
• Built-in dimmer function
• Integrated scanning function with maximum performance
• Selection of several current measurement levels in order to greatly increase the accuracy
• Standard USB data interface, supports import of CSV file waveforms
• OCP / OVP / OPP / OTP / short circuit protection
• Ability to set voltage and current output limitation, support constant current output mode
• Supports 2 units in series or 4 units in parallel
• Supports 3-phase connection output and available modified three-phase unbalance output
• Supports external control and TTL
• Two versions available to meet different requirements

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