Cirris: SPC Data Collection

Electronically collect a wide variety of test data.


“SPC Data Collection” is an optional feature used on the 1100R+, 1100H+, and Touch1 model cable testers. It is used to collect a wide variety of test data through your qualified Cirris testers electronically. You are then able to format, print, and extrapolate test data using third party SPC data processing programs or your own spreadsheet. Many of our customers use SPC Data collection to analyze and improve their product quality and to generate reports for either their customers or in-house management team.

With SPC Data Collection software you can collect:

  • Run Numbers
  • Tester Serial Numbers
  • Cable Descriptions
  • Cable File Names
  • Test Operators’ Name
  • Date and Time of Test
  • Total Number of Product Tested
  • Total Number of Good Product Tested
  • Total Number of Bad Product Tested
  • Error Type Summary Info.
  • Net or Instruction Labels
  • Net or Instruction Measurements
  • Error Number
  • Error Code
  • Error Types
  • Error Text

Additional data, such as the cable serial number, can also be collected and stored but would require the optional Scripting Option enabled in combination with the SPC Data Collection option.

What you get:

  • A special install code to enable SPC Data Collection on your Cirris tester.
  • SPC Link software, used to convert raw data to a comma separated values file.
  • A manual on the basic operation of the SPC Data Collection Software.

What you will need to get started:

  • Enabling Code from Cirris, to enable the SPC Data Collection feature on Cirris Tester:
  • Compatible Cirris Tester: Touch 1, 1100-R+* or 1100-H+* (*Must have the optional USB ports installed)
  • Windows PC with-OS / XP, Vista or Windows 7 to install the SPC Link software on.
  • SPC, Word Processor, Spreadsheet Program to view and format and graph test data on.

SPC Data Collection is an option that can be installed before or after the purchase of your Cirris cable tester. There may be additional hardware costs to enable SPC Data Collection depending on the age and capabilities of your Cirris tester. please contact Combined Test Solutions direct on 01525-374466 or email

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