APM Technologies: SPS-MA Series High Power DC Power System | 36kW-180kW

Power Range 36kW~180kW, output current up to 3000A, voltage up to 1,500V. Central control with the Master unit or CSP

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The High Power SYS-HighPower Series DC power supplies
The large power supply unit has two series: SYS and SYSA, which easily expand the power range. This enables users with high speed but more secure operating experience. The SYSA series power supply system is equipped with a control and monitoring panel and can control and monitor the operating status of each power section in real time. The CSP screen shows the operational information of all units as well as the total output of the system. Safety concept that switches off all units as soon as an alarm occurs on any unit in the system.
Features of the SYS-Series-HighPower DC power supplies
• Power range 36kW ~ 180kW, output current up to 3000A
• The Master unit or the CSP searches all slaves and automatically sets up the master-slave system when switched on.
• Central control with the master unit or the CSP
• Full hardware / custom protection
• Function for random waveform synchronous operation
• Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interface, GPIB & LAN or CAN communication card is optional.
• Supports SCPI commands
• The emergency stop switch on the front panel physically switches off all AC inputs at once.
• The screen will display the alarm information, emit the alarm sound and the alarm light to notify the user.
• The lock button on the front panel to prevent the accidental change of a value during manual operation via the
• To prevent rotary knobs or the touchscreen.
• CE certified
Operation of the menu
• Provides smooth touch screen, keyboard and button control mode.
• Supports the simultaneous switching on and off of all power modules.
• Provides the operational status of all power modules on the same page.
Output feature
• Guarantee the specifications in parallel, high performance with fast response times and low residual ripple.
• DDS arbitrary function generator
• Solar collector IV curve simulation function
• Intelligent 3-stage charging algorithm simulation
• Battery simulator function
• Built-in standard automotive power grid voltage curves

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