APM Technologies: SPS Series DC Power Supply System

Power Range 12kW~40kW, output current up to 2,000A, voltage up to 1,200V. Central control with the Master unit or CSP

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The Middle Power SYS-MiddlePower Series DC power supplies
The APM SYS-MiddlePower Series provides a stable DC output in the 12KW-40KW range. The built-in voltage and current measurement function could provide a wider range of voltage and current combinations. A single unit could cover a range from 12KW to 40KW. The power range could go up to 2000A and the voltage range up to 1200V.

The DC source system can meet various types of DC power applications. The user can freely adjust the output voltage and current. Measure all kinds of features and display on VFD. In the meantime, power sources offer a multi-standard interface, simplifying and accelerating test development.
Features of the SYS-Series-MiddlePower DC power supplies
• 12 kW – 40 kW
• 32 V – 1200 V
• 24 A – 2000 A
• Accurate voltage and current measurement capability
• Coded buttons, multifunctional keyboard
• Standard RS232 / LAN / RS485 / USB interface, optional GPIB
• Remote query to compensate for the voltage drop in load lines
• Support CV and CC switch automatically
• List waveform editing function
• Use SCPI commands
• CE certified
Wide range automatic switching range mode
In the limit range of the constant output power, the voltage and current range could be switched automatically, which enables the simultaneous output of high voltage and low current as well as the simultaneous output of low voltage and high current. This allows a larger exit area. With just one device, it can implement several voltage and current combinations that significantly increase the usage ratio.
Multiple selection of the communication interface
The standard interfaces of this series include LAN, USB, RS485, RS232 and GPIB (OPTION). They support SCPI commands, which make them more convenient to use.
Multi-protection function, safe and reliable
The built-in OVP reacts faster. The overvoltage value can be set individually. If the output voltage is higher than the set protection value, the power source is switched off immediately. You can feel safe using it. Meanwhile, it contains OCP and OTP which you can protect perfectly.
Remote sensing and voltage compensation support
This series is equipped with a remote compensation interface that can be connected directly to the load to compensate for the voltage drop due to the single timing connection. It could ensure that the load is getting accurate voltage readings

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