Saluki Technology: STE110 Series Semiconductor C-V Characteristic Analyzer

STE110 Series Semiconductor C-V Characteristic Analyzer

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STE110 Series Semiconductor C-V Characteristic Analyzer


STE110 series Semiconductor C-V Characteristic Analyzer adopts an integrated design, diode, transistor, MOS tube and IGBT semiconductor power devices such as parasitic capacitance, CV characteristics can be tested with one key, without frequent switching wiring and setting parameters, single tube power devices and module power devices can be quickly tested with one key, suitable for rapid production line testing, automatic integration.

CV curve scanning analysis capability can also meet the laboratory research and development of semiconductor materials and power devices and analysis.

The design frequency of the instrument is 1kHz-2MHz, the VGS voltage is up to ±40V, and the VDS voltage is up to ±200V/±1500V/±3000V, which is sufficient to meet most power device tests.

Key Features

•Dual CPU architecture , the fastest test speed of 0.56ms
•Four parasitic parameters (Ciss, Coss, Crss, Rg) are measured and displayed on the same screen
•Integrated design: LCR + high voltage source + channel switching
•High Bias: VGS: 0 – ±40V, VDS: 0 – 200V/1500V/3000V
•Standard 2-channel test, which can test two devices or dual-chip devices at the same time, the channel is the most Up to 6 channels can be expanded, channel parameters are stored separately

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