Tester RepairWith over 45,000 testers in the field, service and repair work is an ever-growing part of our business. We understand that when your tester is down, you need it back in service quickly. In some cases you can’t afford to be without it for even one day. With this in mind we are striving to improve our service turn-around time, while providing the best value possible for our customers.

To send a tester in for repair

1. Obtain an RMA number. Testers sent without RMA numbers add unnecessary time and cost. PLEASE, ALWAYS get an RMA number before returning equipment for repair.

By Phone: Call 01525-374466 to request RMA number. Be prepared to give us

1. Model of tester
2. Serial number
3. A detailed description of the problem/reason for sending tester in.

By e-mail: Email us at sales@ctstest.co.uk to request an RMA number

2. If the repair is envisaged to take longer than our normal turn-round times we can supply a loan unit. We maintain a number of demo/loaner units, all are calibrated and certified annually and come with calibration stickers. (Additional charges could apply for loaner unit.)

Service turn-around times, our commitment to you

Current production model testers
Standard repair time – 2 business days
*Obsolete (no longer in current production) model testers
Standard repair time – up to 10 business days


*Some obsolete models may no longer be repairable due to pc board/component unavailability. We will contact you if your tester falls in this category.

Contact us for more information on any of our products or if you have service and support requirements.