CH2 Modular benchtop testerLearn how to get the most out of your cable/harness tester.

Combined Test Solutions’ experience in cable/harness testing over the past 30 years has allowed us to hone best practices and processes. Our test training programme can be customised to suit your specific testing requirements and we’ll seek to convey that knowledge and practical experience -so that ultimately you’ll be running your machines more effectively and productively.

Test Training options:

  • Our on-site training team will visit your facility where you’ll be trained to use our products, with your own equipment and devices.
  • Test training at Combined Test Solutions in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire – away from the distractions of your work place, we’re able cover a broader range of topics. This option is ideal for the training of larger groups.
  • We can offer either half-day, or full-day training courses.

Our test training courses include:

  • Testing basics and operation
  • Software overview and account set-up
  • Test failure diagnostics
  • Creating a test program
  • High voltage testing
  • How to create sub-programs
  • Report set-up and customisation

So, do you feel you are getting the most out of your test equipment? Are your operators using best practice?

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