Haewa: X-Frame Machine Frames

Reduce cost and speed up development with the new X-frame System from Haewa.

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Reduce cost and speed up development with the new X-frame System

X-frame from Haewa – exclusively sold through Combined Test Solutions Ltd has been setting new standards for machine and system building with its revolutionary modular machine build system.

Conventional wisdom dictates the use of aluminium profiles to assemble a skeleton structure that holds and enables the machine with all of its functionality. Typically, this “frame” has to be designed before any other development takes place and it consumes several days in design and further days to assemble. Using aluminium profiles to create a machine frame enables flexibility but it’s not efficient. X-frame has flexibility but it’s highly efficient and it’s clever. From operator panels to a vast range of door types and fittings making procurement just a few mouse clicks away.

X-frame components are precision made from steel and be assembled to create a highly professional looking and immensely strong chassis. Design time is fast from CAD, via a choice of standard parts, assembled in Haewa’s factory in Germany to create a professional look for the builder. A major advantage is that all the cabling, wiring and pneumatics are built in to the internal channels that run all around the X-frame. Colour finishes and branding as well as customised functionality are all selectable by the user.

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