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GSP-8000 Spectrum Analyzer

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The GSP-8000 series, brand new general spectrum analyzers from GW Instek, features three frequency ranges, namely 8.0GHz, 3.8GHz and 1.8GHz. The series is suitable for teaching research, R&D verification, and the test requirements of radio frequency products during production and development stages. The series provides 1Hz ~ 1MHz resolution bandwidth (RBW), 10Hz ~ 3MHz video bandwidth (VBW), -104dBc/Hz phase noise, a 20dB preamplifier, and the lowest noise floor of -160dBm/Hz (typical).

With respect to measurement applications, GSP-8000 has built-in Time Spec function, AM/FM signal demodulation function, channel test (Channel Power Measurement) function, Pass-Fail function, etc. The Time Spec function can simultaneously observe and display the correlation between power, frequency and time. ACPR/OCBW/CHPW tests can be used to test adjacent channels, power occupation bandwidth ratio, and channel power. The Pass-Fail function can be used to determine whether the signal is within the set range. Users can use these functions to conduct a wide range of measurement applications.

GSP-8000 utilizes a 10.4-inch TFT LCD large-size screen with XGA (1024*768) resolution to allow an easy observation of test signals. For communication interface, GSP-8000 provides two interfaces: USB and LAN. Through the USB Host, users can quickly retrieve the files stored after measurements, while USB Device and LAN interface allow users to control the instrument through dedicated PC software, or use the corresponding command set to design the required program.

GSP-8000 also provides two options, namely TG and EMI Filter. Customers need to decide the TG function when placing an order. Other options can be activated through the corresponding software authorization (Soft-Key), which greatly improves usage efficiency.


Frequency Range:
– GSP-8800: 9kHz ~ 8.0GHz
– GSP-8380: 9kHz ~ 3.8GHz
– GSP-8180: 9kHz ~ 1.8GHz
RBW: 1Hz ~ 1MHz in 1-3-5-10 steps
VBW: 10Hz ~ 3MHz in 1-3-5-10 steps
Phase Noise: -104 dBc/Hz
Sensitivity: -160dBm/Hz Typical @PreAmp On
Built-in AM/FM Demodulation
Built-in Time Spec Function
Measurement Function: ACPR/OCBW/CHPW, NdB BW, Pass-Fail, Freq. Counter, Noise Marker
Built-in 20dB Preamplifier
Communication Interface: LAN, USB Host/Device
Display: 10.4″ XGA Output (1024*768)
Options: Tracking Generator, EMI Filter

Standard Accessories

Power cord, factory certification, safety information, USB Cable
(GSP-8000 no longer provides paper manuals, all files need to be downloaded from the website)

Optional Information

For GSP-8180:
GSP-8180E1, EMI activation option

For GSP-8380:
GSP-8380E1, EMI activation option

For GSP-8800:
GSP-8800E1, EMI activation option

Free Download
Dedicated remote control PC software, software supports Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11.

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